Monday, February 14, 2011

V Day

Valentine’s Day; a day so many look forward to and many more dread, a day when hearts can be filled with joy and happiness or loneliness and heartbreak. Today is one of those holidays that can inspire a multitude of feelings all dependant on what your relationship status is, how you feel about it, and if your partner remembered the holiday or not.
 We are taught from a very early age that Valentine’s Day is about love, candy and sending someone a card asking to be your valentine. Well what if you don’t have or want a valentine?  We get programmed to think that this day has to be perfect, romantic, special, but why?
 I have seen so many happy couples fight over Valentine’s Day every year, when on any other day they are perfectly happy.  What about this day makes us so crazy? Is it that we want to prove our love, show it off, are our expectations to high or are we lacking that specialness in our day to day lives? Shouldn’t love be celebrated every day, when did we put a price tag on it?
 What if we expressed our love daily and made every day the day of love? Do like Saint Valentine and hand write expressions of love to your sweetheart, hopefully not from a jail cell ;).
 Now I am not bashing Valentine’s Day, I think it is great that the world has a day dedicated to love. It would be easy, seeing as I’m married, to gush about Valentine’s Day and how special we should make it, but I don’t know that I feel that way about it. I’m more of an everyday love kind of girl! I love flowers, chocolates and gifts, but to me they are more special on a day that everyone does not feel pressured to give them. Like when my husband just surprises me with something special because he was thinking of me, that means more…to me. WARNING- Not everyone feels this way.
 Maybe I feel this way because I can remember what it felt like in high school and not get a candygram or be the only single girl in my group of friends and have to hear about all the things my girlfriends were expecting and then how excited they were or disappointed they were with the outcome. I think the ones in love sometimes forget that the whole world necessarily isn’t.
So for all you singles how about making it a day to love you, your family and friends. For us in relationships express your love all the time and give your partner a break, nobody’s perfect. Enjoy the day and the meaning behind it, but don’t stress about perfecting it. Go with the flow, enjoy love, no matter who you’re loving. Because I am pretty sure that when Saint Valentine died so young lovers could marry he did not envision people turning this day into anything but an expression of happiness, freedom and love. He would want this to be a happy day, so let’s make him proud. Whatever you end up doing today, just go with it, because sometimes when we expect nothing at all we get everything we wanted!
For, you see, each day I love you more, Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.
Rosemonde Gerard

Lotsa Love,

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