Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Give Back

How many times have you said, “Oh I would love to do that” or “I will donate next time”? And when it comes to community or charitable events, how many times have you? It is so easy to put it off and think that so many others do it, but it is also so easy to find a cause and participate. It doesn’t have to cost you tons of money or even time, choose something that meaningful to you but that also works for your schedule.
 This June will be my third year participating in the Relay for Life which raises money for Cancer Research. At first I joined because my mother-in-law was part of a team and it was for a good cause. It quickly turned into much more than that. Meeting new people while you fundraise, being part of a team, getting to give back and the memories you get to keep from the twelve hour overnight walk around the track are all amazing. I quickly felt like I was getting more from this deal than anyone else. I have also been a part of The Big Bike, The Canadian Army 5k Run and various fund raising activities with Big Brothers & Sisters.
 I think the most important thing is finding a group, organization or shelter that means something to you personally and get involved. It can be as easy as donating an old cell phone to a shelter, grabbing a group of family and friends to go on a walk or taking part in a longer relay or run. You would be surprised to know how many events are constantly being held in your local city or town. When I wanted to be a part of another run I googled runs in my area and came across a staggering amount to choose from.

Having a blast at the
Maxville 2010 Relay for Life!
You can make it an annual tradition, a family affair, get a group together from work or if you do not want to participate; these organizations are always looking for volunteers. Somewhere along the line we get it into our heads that donations are always money, but that is not the case. Sometimes donating your time or some of those clothes you haven’t touched in years can also have an astounding impact. In all the different types of fundraising activities I have been a part of I have never left with a bad feeling or thinking that I wish I didn’t do this; it was always the opposite. I left there feeling elated and rejuvenated that I, this small person in a big world could make something/someone better.
 So next time your work is cleaning up a park, you child’s school is fundraising or you see a ridiculously cheerful group of people looking for volunteers, try it out. You will find out that they are giving more to you then you thought.

Lotsa Love,

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