Friday, February 11, 2011

Rubber or Glue

We have all in some point in our lives run into negative people; you know who I’m talking about, naysayers, the people who just can’t help but bring others down. When you’re in an amazing mood and they just have to poop all over it. Why do they feel this incessant need to do this?

I have had these great moments or days “ruined” by these types of people, until I realized I was the one letting them ruin it. We all have our choices, them to throw negativity our way and us to be either “Rubber or Glue”. Will you let the negativity bounce off or stick to you?

Once I decided that I didn’t want to let these people ruin my day or crush my dreams, I started picking apart why they could be so negative. In some cases the people were just negative and miserable and unable to be helped until they were willing to help themselves. Some people had a somewhat valid point in the mist of the negativity, but just were not getting the message out clear or needed maybe some finesse.  Other times the negativity was coming from a very unlikely source and the person was just having a horrible day and took it out on me or my idea, they are much easier to deal with because normally asking them what’s up resolves the issue.

How many times have you heard someone say I used to dream of… or I always thought I could be…? Somewhere along the line these people gave up on themselves. Now granted not everyone’s dreams are realistic and sometimes they change.  When I was younger I wanted to be a lawyer, singer, supermodel, gymnast etc… You get the point. My dad clearly pointed out that singing would never be my career as I would break too much glass, being a lawyer drifted away as I realized how much schooling was involved and that just wasn’t for me and well the supermodel bit I have yet to let go…lol. My dreams may have changed and developed with time but at some point or another they were MY DREAMS.

No matter how farfetched your dreams are or how many times they may morph or change all together they are still yours and you should be proud of them. How many successful people have been told in their lives that they couldn’t accomplish their goals or dreams? We wouldn’t be where we are in today’s society if everyone believed what people said when they were told they couldn’t do it.
Rock Star Dreams!

So regardless of what your dreams may be, wear them proud. Don’t give up on them! It may take you a little longer to get there and they may change along the way, but be that person you see in the mirror.

Be the Rubber and not the Glue. Go ahead and strive to be the true you!

Lotsa Love,

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