Thursday, March 31, 2011

Checking In

For those of us who make new years resolutions, being that were a quarter way through 2011, this is a great time to check in to see how they are holding up.

Resolutions have a tendency of bring put on a shelf until were reminded of them. The weather gets nicer and were reminded that summer is no longer very far away, we read a book that reminds us of what we wanted to do or we see a note we wrote about our resolutions.

My resolutions were pretty grand this year; write a book and finally achieve my goal weight. Well I have been writing, but not my book and until recently I hadn't gotten back on track with my weight loss goals.

So for me checking in and reading my resolutions that I wrote down for the year is exactly what I need. This year I will finish my book and reach my goal weight.

Resolutions may change and morph as time goes on; it's normal that we get busy and side tracked. But, we have to remember we made them for a reason and for that reason we should get back on track (if you've strayed) and follow through. We owe it to our selves.

If we cannot follow through for ourselves, who can we?
Lotsa Love,

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Strip Down

In a world where everyone is categorized and labelled; what are we when where stripped of them? If you’re not a nerd, jock or snob; then what are we? What do we become when we strip down the labels that are not only given to us, but that we give ourselves?
 I have been given many a label and been called many a things, but I always felt that I never fit in just one category, I am a bit of a mix match of everything. Maybe that’s why High School didn’t work for me, because I never fit in one click and depending on the school you go to clicks can be more like gangs then just a group of friends, you can’t mingle with someone wearing a different labelled jean.
I played sports, took dance, gymnastics, musical theatre, took auto mechanics and hung out in the hall way playing cards with my friends on lunch. I play video games, do yoga, drink beer and like dresses. It is easy to see why my mould is a very funny shape.
I can see the allure of wanting to fit into a click, a mould or a label; everyone wants to belong. But at some point we have to step away from those labels and figure out who we are without them. Beneath the job, clothes, money and make up. What are we stripped down?
It’s great to be in the company of people who are their true selves; genuine people, with no agendas or motives to being your friend other than just that; to be your friend.
With the pressure from media and the idea of what “perfect” or “beautiful” is it is great to feel like you can just be you. I frequently go out with no makeup on and encourage my friends to do so all the time. If we cannot feel beautiful in our own skin the when can we? I think that makeup should be an accessory and not a cover up. I think that to be truly beautiful the true you needs to shine through and loving who you are (not in a conceded way) is the absolute best way to do it.
Do I think I’m perfect? Far from it! We all have flaws, but I have accepted mine. Stripping down to the real you is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself. Because over time things can get really piled up and we can feel weighed down.  Well you’re the only one who can strip them off, so what will it be? Labels and uncomfortable moulds or freedom to be you?
Go ahead; you know you want to.... just STRIP!
Lotsa Love,

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Getting back on the horse

Spring has sprung and with it all the outdoor runners; which I was a member of until I feel off the wagon and then got run over by it. Today I decided to get back up on that horse and go after my goal.

I have waivered back and forth when it has come to leading a healthy lifestyle; different eating styles, Pilates, yoga, circuit training, running…etc… But one undeniable fact that always comes from these waivers is that I feel 100% better when I am leading a better lifestyle. I have more energy and my mood is always improved. So why do I fall off the horse?

It’s easy to blame schedules, life changes or anything else we can think of. For me It takes me a while to get hooked to being active, but after a while I get addicted to it, I need to be doing it. However falling off the horse is a much quicker action. This can happen from missing a single day of exercise.

I think that my reasoning is I try to do everything all at once; I go from zero to sixty in the blink of an eye and don’t give myself enough time to make life changes instead of quick diet decisions. One thing I know for sure is that since the weather has been getting nicer I have been itching to get out, so maybe a little did stick last time.

So today instead of doing what I normally try and do which would be going out first time of the season and try and run 8k, I took my dog out for a quick power walk around our little town and ended up feeling great about it. My first instinct was to immediately restrict my calories to see bigger results faster, but instead I am going to watch what I eat and make smart meal choices, cut out the obviously bad foods a little at a time.

I hiked all through Costa Rica, including a volcano.
I can do anything...right?
I have had this goal stuck in my head for years now and I am tired of looking back at old calendars with the date circled of when I was to achieve this goal. So I am going to reach it, I am going to take my baby steps and work my way to my goal, because I deserve it.

I think sometimes we want something so bad we don’t want to work for it or we want it right now and then it’s easy to get discouraged because not all goals are attainable overnight. Make sure that when you’re setting goals there attainable so that you’re not setting yourself up for a big disappointment. Enjoy the ride along the way and learn from every up and down.

Because, no matter what your goals do not define you; you define your goals. 

Lotsa Love,

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Pee Monster (written by Charly)

This is an embarrassing story, but I feel it’s worth telling because it might give someone a well-needed laugh.
I decided that today was going to be the day that I would clean, clean, clean. I had been slacking all week because I just felt really run down after work so I didn’t do very much- even though I thought about doing tons, it just didn’t happen. I prepped on my way home from work by getting a large Steeped Tea, a nice caffeine boost to ensure that I wouldn’t find myself plopped on the couch 15 minutes after getting home disregarding all my previous ambitions.
My husband was leaving for a boy’s night so it was a perfect time for me to blast my favourite music and dance around the house while cleaning. I was moving at a good pace, the house looked like it was back in order to the point that I was satisfied so I decided to take an HGTV break before heading over to Tasha’s for a sleepover since both our husbands are away for the evening.
I was sitting there watching “Property Shop” when I started to notice an overwhelming pee odour surrounding me. It was pungent and nauseating so I started to smell my clothing and my dog Bella sitting next to me, but nothing seemed to be matching what I smelt. I had picked up a pillow that had fallen on the floor and put it beside me when I sat down so I picked it up to see if maybe that was where the odour was coming from. To my shock the opposite side of the pillow that I had picked up was wet. I immediately let out a loud exclamation of “GROSS!” and knew immediately I had found the source. You would hope this would be end of the story, I think we can all agree this is bad enough right?
However, I continued to investigate the rest of the couch, worried that the pillow may have transferred wetness. It was then that I discovered the tidal wave of wetness that was all over 2 out of the 4 cushions. To add insult to this already unfortunate pee accident, I was sitting on 1 of those pee-ridden cushions! You would think I would have noticed or felt the impending wetness long before it was discovered but I was particularly layered up today with the cold chill so I didn’t notice. I looked at Bella sitting beside me and watched as her expression of calm changed to that of guilt as I made my discovery. I called my husband immediately to tell him the news and he informed me that Bella was startled when he came home this afternoon so she must have peed out of fright. She normally would run up to him right away, but because she was scared she sat frozen on the couch with an apparent loose bladder until she realized it was him.
Thankfully, the couch was nearing its expiry date, so Bella (who I will now refer to as Pee Monster) merely sped up the process. The couch is now sitting in the garage waiting for garbage day and I am off to take a shower and to wash my favourite jeans which I don’t think I’ll ever feel the same about again.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Power Down

In the state the world is in today what better way to reflect and really appreciate everything then powering down for Earth Hour? What will you be doing at 8:30pm EST Saturday March 26th?
I think that we take a lot of things for granted; personal relationships, the sun, moon and the stars, but most of all the very ground we walk on. If we cannot appreciate the earth that keeps us alive, what can we?
I think that the marketing event that is Earth Hour is ingenious. Create a trendy way to make everyone feel cool about powering down and helping out mother earth. If you asked Joe Blow down the street to power down tomorrow down any other day do you think he would?
It is unfortunate that it takes a global marketing strategy to make the world listen, but it’s great that there is even a time when the world can get together and care about the ground we live on.
It’s amazing how the smallest things matter and count when it comes to giving back and contributing to the earth. We take, take, take and rarely think about giving back, and unfortunate trait of today’s society. It’s like we think that there are no boundaries or limitations to what the earth can withstand.
Now I cannot even pretend that I do everything in my power to be eco friendly; but I do try. My recycling is always out with my garbage and we really pay attention to power usage. But I know there is always more we can do. The great thing is that there are tons of government funded initiatives and websites right at your finger tips (at least in Canada) that encourage you; even pay you to be more eco friendly- you just need to look for them.
In previous years we have had parties in the dark and relied on candle light and guitar music. This year we will be having girls night and dinner by candle light with some good old fashioned girl chit chat.  No movies, music (unless we’re singing) or lights; enjoying company the way it should be.
 I encourage you to partake in Earth hour this year there is an amazing website dedicated to it,, that you can find out all kinds of information on; as well as some cool games.
What about going beyond an hour or a night a year? What about making it a tradition at date nights or dinner to power down and take in the stars or just some great conversation. With warmer months coming up get outside, have a fire and don’t be afraid to power down more than just an hour out of every year.
Because, just as we need a break or special attention so does the earth we live on; so do her the same courtesy and power down.
Lotsa Love,

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Road Less Travelled

I often take the road less travelled...and it’s not always by choice. I often stumble upon it or take a wrong turn and then realize I have no idea where I am. I have had the best and worst experiences when this happens because I find myself in the most unexpected places.
Like last Saturday, I was driving to see Tasha at her Mom’s place. I had been there before, but I had never driven. This whole scenario is solely my fault because I unintentionally condition myself to be navigationally challenged. When I am not driving my mind wanders about all the things I want to do in life. Depending on the length of the drive, I could have my whole house renovated by the time we stop. I often have no recollection of street names or landmarks that brought me there, and I really should try to focus more but I enjoy the time to just be in my head because there’s nowhere else for me to be for that moment. It’s relaxes me and excites me about the fun things to come.
Thankfully, I am resourceful, so I have that going for me. It had been awhile since I had driven to Ottawa on my own so I did the smart thing, I asked for the address and I mapquested it. Mapquest has always been a reliable tool for me but when the directions first came up that Richmond was in Toronto I was knew I was in trouble. So I tried it again this time being more specific and it told me it was a 10 minute drive. Having been there previously that made sense to me so I hopped in the car. I followed the directions, took the appropriate exit and found myself nowhere near where I was supposed to be so I called Tasha and asked for help not surprised at all that I had again managed to get myself lost.
She told me to take the Fallowfield exit. “No problem !“ I thought to myself. I was close to Moodie so I knew I could catch the 417 from there. A little off the beaten path but I used my resources and was relieved to be back on track! WRONG! I would like to pretend that I knew it wasn’t right early on and did a quick turn around, but it wasn’t until I saw the Carp exit that I knew that something was wrong. I called Tash again, and thank god she picked up because I had to pee like a racehorse and I couldn’t afford any more detours.
I re-capped my adventure for her and immediately she gave me the devastating news- Fallowfield can only be found on the 416! By this point, I was frustrated with myself that I had again gotten lost and held up all our grand plans for the day. I made a personal note that this was something that I would definitely have to work on in the future.
I am grateful it was a beautiful, sunny day because my bladder could not have handled the gentle trickling of falling rain. A 10 minute drive turned into an hour drive but I got there! I got to enjoy a little extra sunshine and have a little more time to myself so I chalked it up to experience and tried to make the best of it. I opened up my sunroof, blasted some fun music and within no time at all I was parked in her Mom’s driveway.
We often too much emphasis on finding the quickest route when sometimes it the detours that teach us the most and become the most memorable!
It’s important to have a plan, but I also think a big part of life is being okay with feeling lost from time to time, taking a detour and having the confidence to know that even if you don’t get where you want to go as quick as you would like, you’ll still get there and you may actually feel a little wiser!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Sun Will Inevitably Shine (It’s been engineered that way!)

We all have moments that we feel are impossible to get through. During this time, the dark recesses of our mind lead us to believe that there is no light at the end of the tunnel. But, what we have to remember is no matter how long a tunnel may be, there is always an opening and that opening brings new light.

Whether it’s a crappy day at work, the loss of a loved one, feelings of inadequacy or a bout of the blues, we may not be able to change the event but we can change how we come out of it.

There are some incredible people who live through some unimaginable events and come out thankful and inspiring. What makes these people any different? Is it faith, love, attitude or sheer joy to know that they have been blessed with another day? Rather than becoming broken and ruined by their struggles, they propel forward with tumultuous strength. These people are amazing and a true testament to what life is really all about.

Then there are people in life who like who like to make everything about them, regardless if it’s the appropriate time and can even find the drama in something as simple as getting ready day by day. These people take negative signs at every turn and search for pity consistently by asking “Why do bad things always happen to me?”  If they could only realize how blessed they are in their life and how little they have to complain about.

I am not a religious person, but I’d like to believe I am spiritual. I believe in what goes around comes around and that our path is not carved in stone. I also believe that out of all of our amazing gifts, one of the greatest is choice.

We can choose to be conscientious, friendly, happy, and sad; everything we do in life comes from our choices. So we can choose to be gloomy or we can choose to get help. We can complain all the time or do something about it. We can say that there is no good in our lives or create it.

I feel like in the big picture of things people in general do not give themselves enough credit for their roles in their own lives. It’s easy to blame something or someone else, then to except responsibility and move forward.

I choose to enjoy the little and big moments; to nap in the sun with my dog, take in every moment of laughter and to understand that their needs to be a balance and to learn from what we go through in life. Now I’m not saying that I ride a magic carpet over a rainbow every day (I wish!). But what I am saying is that even though we may have bad days (and I do) inevitably it is up to you how long you let those bad feelings linger.

What do you choose?

Lotsa Love,

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Celebrating Life

There are so many situations in life that we can take or make into whatever we want. We choose our outlook on all our lives situations and how we will proceed after any given event.

I know a wide variety of personalities, people who given all the same situation would handle it in a variety of different ways. I like to watch how these people handle life and learn more about who they are more and more every day. I think it shows a lot about a person character how they handle not just the big events in life but all the small things in between.
"In memory of my Oumpa"

I have found that in the wake of some hard life passing’s that the people left can either celebrate life and be thankful for what they have or remain in the past unable to move on. I, thankfully, have yet to experience a very close loss, so I am only speaking from observation and the few losses that I have experienced.

The people who keep the memory alive and move forward stronger before, almost taking a bit of life or vivid energy from the passing are amazing to watch. Taking an incredible sadness and turning it into a strong driven attitude to face whatever else life is going to throw at them.

I’d like to think that that sort of attitude can and should be achieved by everyone. I’d like to think that we can and should celebrate life every day. Celebrate our gifts instead of focusing on our short comings.  Turn adversity into and opportunity and never stop appreciating every moment we have.

I think that most people take the little, but still significant, moments for granted. I know that in today’s busy world that we live in sometimes we don’t always feel like we have the time to stop and smell the roses or appreciate the feel of the sun kissing our cheeks on a warm spring day. But if we don’t do it now, when will you?

 "The world is your mirror and your mind is a magnet. What you perceive in this world is largely a reflection of your own attitudes and beliefs. Life will give you what you attract with your thoughts think, act and talk negatively and your world will be negative. Think and act and talk with enthusiasm and you will attract positive results." ~ Michael LeBeuf

Lotsa Love,

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Attention Deficit

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all felt like we got the attention we needed from the love in our life? For some of us saying yes we do get it is easy and for others it is a clear no. So how do we get that attention from that person before looking elsewhere?

I have talked about my relationship with my husband before and I have to say that I am very lucky to be with him. Don’t get me wrong there are times I want to strangle him; as far as I’m concerned anyone who says there relationship is perfect and there are never any issues has yet to take a closer look. He tells me I’m beautiful even when I’m sick in the same PJ’s for three days in a row.  I think we both provide each other with the right kind of attention that neither one of us need it from any other source.

Now I’m not saying that when a stranger tells me I look good it is not a great feeling. I think when you’re in a relationship where a person thinks you look great, when really you look like a scary troll on that day, you may start to think that they are just saying it or that they have to say it.  So when a complete stranger who owes you no complements and doesn’t have to deal with you at home stops you on the street to compliment you it’s a great feeling.

But that is not the kind of attention I’m talking about, when someone catcalls you, it’s not because you went after them for it. What I’m talking about, is when someone is in a relationship and doesn’t feel they’re getting what they need so they look elsewhere. Believe me this does not resolve or help the situation. You may feel good in the moment that you went and solicited attention from someone else. But when you really get down to it that feeling won’t last and you’re still left in that same situation, with maybe a little friend tagging along called guilt.

Instead my recommendation is to look deeper and find out why you’re feeling unappreciated. Is it your partner who is neglecting you or is it you not seeing when your partner is singing your praise? Sometimes when we have confidence issues it is easier to take a compliment from someone unknown because, they don’t really know what they’re talking about or you don’t have any emotional connection to them. Sometimes looking at ourselves can resolve most problems and it is a lot better going into a conversation from a place of feeling, then of blame.

Whatever your situation is listen to what people are saying. Instead of brushing off a compliment, appreciate it and take it in. Listen with your ears and your heart and you may catch on to something you had missed before.

Lotsa Love,

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When in Rome

When was the last time that you explored the city you lived in? It is so easy to justify shopping expenses when we are on vacation, we can spend whole days shopping or wandering around exploring an area. But, for some reason most of us don’t allow ourselves to indulge on home turf.

A bit of luck from John himself!
On my recent trip to Boston, my girlfriends and I spent an entire day exploring and shopping and then finished it off with dressing up and hitting the town. I do not think that there was any part of our day that wasn’t indulgent or frivolous. It was an amazing day filled with great clothes, food, drink and culture.

This wasn’t our first trip like this, three years ago we had a similar trip to Syracuse. But I cannot for the life of me think of the last time we did something like this at home. It would be so easy to drive into the city and have a very similar day without the seven hour drive, but we don’t...and that makes me wonder why?

Maybe part of it is when you’re on vacation you can justify to yourselves additional expenses. You have to eat, so why not eat out at a great restaurant? You’re going out to a fabulous bar you may never go to again, so why not get an outfit to match? You’re in a fabulous city so why not treat yourself so you feel the same? Or could it simply be the old saying “When in Rome?”

So why do we not feel like we need to be pampered at home, is it because when we’re here all of our responsibilities are glaring at us so it’s not as easy to splurge? Do we not feel as worthy unless we can justify it with a getaway?

The kind of curious freedom that was felt that very warm sunny afternoon in Boston should be felt every day. Yes we have responsibilities, bills and jobs when we are home. But you should not be a slave to them. We should all find time to feel like stars even if it is in our own back yard.

Now I’m not saying to avoid responsibilities or blow all your money on a shopping extravaganza. But I am saying to treat yourself every once in a while and that should not mean every THREE years. It doesn’t even have to have a monetary value attached to it. Take an extra hour getting ready and walk out of your house feeling like a star. Window shop with friends and end it with a walk around town. 


Whatever you decide to do, do it for you, embrace the delectable moment you’re in. Don’t feel guilt to pamper yourself every once in a while. Don’t let yourself forget what it’s like to be pampered.  Strut around town like there’s no one else like you, because there isn’t. This isn’t just for the single girls or married girls without children yet. Especially all you Mom’s out there, take time for you! Giving a little to yourself will help you to feel renewed and will in turn give you that extra boost of energy that you can pour right back into your kids. Allow those moments to seep into your life and watch how they make everything shine.

Lotsa Love,

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Honesty Conundrum

We all would like to believe that honesty is easy and can only bring good things. But sometimes when were honest with others and ourselves the things we hear and say are not always easy. Sometimes we avoid honesty because we think that we are saving someone or something from the truth, but are we really?

I have recently learned that if I’m not honest and forced to hold things inside it is not only toxic for myself but for all others involved. I learned how hard and how freeing honesty can be. I feel like a ton of bricks have been lifted from my chest and I am now excited to move forward in certain relationships that I was once before dreading. It’s crazy to think that something I had been dreading for a few years now; in one combustible moment and a few hours of discussion can be repaired and back on track to where the relationship used to be.

As we get older and take on new roles in our lives we change, change is inevitable. It’s our choice how we handle the change and how we move forward from it. We cannot stop ourselves from changing, growing or even aging, but we can determine how we go through it.

There are always several ways of looking at something and how to deal with it. When you have dynamite, gasoline and a spark you can have a devastating explosion with wreckage further than the eyes can see or you can burst through a giant concrete wall and be left standing holding hands on the other side.

I am personally enjoying the other side!

Lotsa Love,

Back from Boston

Chillin with John Harvard.
Yes that does say guiness latte.
Much needed Starbucks.
No explanation
What a great trip! Back from a whirlwind adventure in Boston with my girls and now getting back to routine. Sorry I have not posted in a week, but Charly and I were both in Boston and away from routine, wiffi and free time to write.

I had some wonderfull experiences and got to help out an amazing friend this past weekend though so it was all worth it. I am sure just from this trip I will have so much more to pull from in writeing my blog.

We got to take part in the Boston running of the brides, sorry correction we rocked it. We got to be tourist and explore a small part of Boston.

Don't worry Boston, we'll be

I will be getting back to my regular posting today.

Lotsa Love,


Monday, March 7, 2011

In the Nut

Anytime I do something odd, out there or simply crazy my husband will chuckle and say that goes in the nut! I cannot remember when it started but it has caught on and other people say it to me now. So in return I say back “Well you’re going to have to deal with a little crazy seeping out once in a while there is only so much room in the nut.” Now I hope your all picturing a walnut or pecan because that’s what I’m talking about.

Now it would be easy to take offense to this because I get told things need to go in the nut quite often, I tend to let my crazy out of the nut as much as I can. But, my husband makes it sound so cute and then tells me that he loves the nut and all the silly things that get put into it. He has learned not to fight the crazy but to embrace it, smart man.

It’s all well and good to keep the nut closed while at work or in public places (maybe let a little out ;).)  We all need places and people where we can be ourselves and let the nut crack open for all the fun and crazy to come out (fun crazy only is the only form of crazy accepted, just plain crazy should stay far far away, haha.)

Bring a smile to you and someone else’s face by being silly and free. Frolic and play as we did as children. Laugh out loud and not just through the computer. Remember that just because we are adults does not mean we have to be serious all the time, your face will not crack it you crack a smile.

Let a little crazy out of the nut every once in a while and it will save you from it all popping out at once.

Lotsa love,

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring Cleaning

It’s amazing the things we find in our very own homes when we finally take the time to do our big overhaul spring cleaning.  Clothes that you forgot you put in storage for the next warm season and items that just kept getting moved around until they found a home somewhere in hiding. You’ll hear through the house, “I was looking for these” or “Is this yours? I didn’t know we had this!” lol.

For a while when I would find something that had gone to storage or hidden somewhere only to be found when everything gets pulled out from under the bed or I actually look in my attic/basement, I would recirculate the item, depending on what it was. But we only have so much room in our homes and closets for items so why do we hold on to things we forgot we even had?

Once I came to the realization that if I didn’t miss it while it was missing then why do I need it? I decided that I didn’t and when it comes to cleaning days I have a box and a garbage bag at the ready for my newly found un-missed items to be donated to people who would actually use these items.

It is so easy to get attached to items, because we bought them for a reason or for the fact that they were a gift. But how long should we keep things, how long are we obligated to hold onto gifts?

I realized after helping my Nana move into a smaller apartment and watching her go through all of her items and struggle to get rid of even a piece of plastic fruit, that we are all way too attached to our things. Should we be so dependent on things to bring us happiness or should that be left to the loved ones in our lives?
My sister gave my nana a simple rule, if you want to buy something new then be prepared to get rid of something to make space for it. I really like that rule and have started adapting it for my life as well. I have a small house that is easily cluttered, so minimalizing all our things and leaving more room for people and memories is a much better deal for me.

If we all donated our un-missed items instead of storing them away because we like them or someone gave them to us forever ago, there would be a lot of happy people out there who really need the items more than we do. If you haven’t worn that sweater in over a year chances are you’re not going to anytime soon and those pants don’t fit anymore so stop torturing yourself and give them to someone who will appreciate them
Dee-clutter your life and at the same time give a gift of warmth to someone else in need. Pass on the memories and let that unmissed item get used somewhere else. Make more room in your life and home for the things that you really do need and you’ll be much happier in the end.

Lotsa Love,

Friday, March 4, 2011


There are few things greater than the anticipation and excitement of going into work on a Friday morning and knowing that in a mere 8 hours you’ll be free for two whole days! Over the week, those 8 hours can seem tumultuous, but on a Friday they feel like a hop, skip and a jump to happy land!

Everyone just seems to be in the best spirits on Friday! You get the opportunity to wish everyone you see a good weekend and watch their face light up with the excitement that you’ve been feeling. People seem more tolerant, less-stressed and overall in a happy disposition on Fridays.

By Friday, the plans I have been making all week are now concretely set in place and I can allow myself to get excited about the memories to be made.

Let’s face it; we work because we have to. That’s not to say that we don’t enjoy our jobs or appreciate the jobs we have, but free time and making plans is what makes life exciting! If I won the lottery, I would still want to contribute in some way to the community but I really feel like you should work to live, not live to work. I do well at my job, I put in 100%, but I think family and friends deserve that effort as well. If I worked all the time, I really feel like I would be doing my friends and family a huge inconsideration. They are the closest people in my life, so don’t they deserve the most attention? I think so too.

So to all of you- Have a great weekend!

“Virtual High Five”


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Going to the chapel

In the world today where there is definitely a lot more choice when it comes to marriage then before our time, there is a varied amount of feelings on the subject. The simple word Marriage can spark and array of feelings from one person to the next. Some people will do anything for it and will go through great lengths to make it perfect.

I have been married coming up five years in august and I cannot believe how the time has flown by. But before meeting my husband I had no interest in marriage or babies. Suddenly I meet this man fall in love, almost instantly, and where engaged eight months later. So in eight months he managed to change my views on where I wanted my life to go, if you ask him it was all for me…lol But I know he is a big softy and was as much for him, my family and his family as it was for me.

 So seeing as before I said yes, I had no intention of marriage I never had a chance to create a list of rules that I needed to get married or that I needed to be engaged before a certain marker. I have friends that had these rules in place and put them to the side because they truly love the person there with and I have others who clung to those rules to no end. I can’t buy a house with you till were married, no babies till where married or even I need to be married by a certain point.

I was very lucky with all the help I received in planning my wedding and how everything just kind of fell in my lap. Take my dress for example, I went to the store with my now sister in law, Charly, to go to a fitting for her friend. The friend was late so Charly mentioned I should just look around. I went to the sale rack, dress no longer “In Season”, and found a dress that fit me perfectly for…wait for it…$50. I went home with a dress that day and a big part of my budget unscathed.

What made me think of all this is one of my friends is getting married this year and in search for her perfect (inexpensive) dress has enlisted the help of her friends to create “Team Pam” and storm the running of the brides next week in Boston. For anyone who does not know what this is, it is an event that only happens once a year in Boston where designers discount there dresses drastically and brides and their friends (that’s me lol) line up overnight to get ready to storm the gates…lol Picture a giant convention center filled with dresses formally in the thousands, now in the hundreds and the brides running through it trying to find “THE Dress”. I can’t wait! So next weekend Charly and I, with a bunch of our friends, will be taking over Boston in the name of “Pams perfect dress”. So watch out Boston we are coming for you and we are not leaving until our bride is happy…see you next Friday…lol

So in the end remember that everyone’s views on marriage and the actual wedding differ. Marriage is not the same as love you can have one without the other. And if its right it will all be perfect no matter what happens or gets thrown your way. Coming from someone who didn’t see it in my cards, to the person I am today who could not imagine her life any other way, believe me, going with the flow and letting things happen is the best way to do it. 

Lotsa Love,

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


What plunks a person out of your acquaintance category and into your friend category?

To me, a friend is someone that trudges with you through all the parts of your life. They take part in the warm and fuzzy moments but also provide you with extra support when you feel like at any moment the world is going to crash down on you. A friend celebrates your achievements without negativity even when you may have succeeded at a goal they wish to attain themselves. This is by no means an easy task, but a true friend can set their own feelings aside and realize that this achievement or goal has nothing to do with their own personal success.

I have a tremendous friend like that. We had both been working out together religiously for months in order to reach our ideal weight. We promised we’d celebrate as soon as we reached our goal. I was far from the ‘athletic’ type and never once during our workout sessions did I hear negativity even if I held her back from more strenuous activities because I wasn’t up to the challenge.
I was way behind when we would run together and she would run back and cheer me to keep going, sacrificing her own more intense workout to suit what I was able to do.
After months of exercising, (Due only to metabolism,) I met my goal first. Rather than my friend becoming explosive and frustrated at seeing me reach my goal weight when she still had a few left to lose (she looked amazing anyway!) she cheered and as promised celebrated my success. A friend should be your biggest cheerleader! Sometimes your own negative voices need to be muted by a friend that motivates them right out of your head. The most important part about friendship is that it’s not a race, there’s no score and the whole purpose is to have fun!

As we get older and life gets harder we need to have these constant people in our lives to help us ride out the storm on the days when all we feel is thunder and torrential downpours. If the friend is adding lightning to the mix, it might be time to plunk that friend back into the acquaintance category.

Friends are the pillars on your porch. Sometimes they hold you up, sometimes they lean on you, and sometimes it's just enough to know that they are standing by.” Unknown
"Virtual High Five"