Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Strip Down

In a world where everyone is categorized and labelled; what are we when where stripped of them? If you’re not a nerd, jock or snob; then what are we? What do we become when we strip down the labels that are not only given to us, but that we give ourselves?
 I have been given many a label and been called many a things, but I always felt that I never fit in just one category, I am a bit of a mix match of everything. Maybe that’s why High School didn’t work for me, because I never fit in one click and depending on the school you go to clicks can be more like gangs then just a group of friends, you can’t mingle with someone wearing a different labelled jean.
I played sports, took dance, gymnastics, musical theatre, took auto mechanics and hung out in the hall way playing cards with my friends on lunch. I play video games, do yoga, drink beer and like dresses. It is easy to see why my mould is a very funny shape.
I can see the allure of wanting to fit into a click, a mould or a label; everyone wants to belong. But at some point we have to step away from those labels and figure out who we are without them. Beneath the job, clothes, money and make up. What are we stripped down?
It’s great to be in the company of people who are their true selves; genuine people, with no agendas or motives to being your friend other than just that; to be your friend.
With the pressure from media and the idea of what “perfect” or “beautiful” is it is great to feel like you can just be you. I frequently go out with no makeup on and encourage my friends to do so all the time. If we cannot feel beautiful in our own skin the when can we? I think that makeup should be an accessory and not a cover up. I think that to be truly beautiful the true you needs to shine through and loving who you are (not in a conceded way) is the absolute best way to do it.
Do I think I’m perfect? Far from it! We all have flaws, but I have accepted mine. Stripping down to the real you is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself. Because over time things can get really piled up and we can feel weighed down.  Well you’re the only one who can strip them off, so what will it be? Labels and uncomfortable moulds or freedom to be you?
Go ahead; you know you want to.... just STRIP!
Lotsa Love,

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