Friday, March 25, 2011

Power Down

In the state the world is in today what better way to reflect and really appreciate everything then powering down for Earth Hour? What will you be doing at 8:30pm EST Saturday March 26th?
I think that we take a lot of things for granted; personal relationships, the sun, moon and the stars, but most of all the very ground we walk on. If we cannot appreciate the earth that keeps us alive, what can we?
I think that the marketing event that is Earth Hour is ingenious. Create a trendy way to make everyone feel cool about powering down and helping out mother earth. If you asked Joe Blow down the street to power down tomorrow down any other day do you think he would?
It is unfortunate that it takes a global marketing strategy to make the world listen, but it’s great that there is even a time when the world can get together and care about the ground we live on.
It’s amazing how the smallest things matter and count when it comes to giving back and contributing to the earth. We take, take, take and rarely think about giving back, and unfortunate trait of today’s society. It’s like we think that there are no boundaries or limitations to what the earth can withstand.
Now I cannot even pretend that I do everything in my power to be eco friendly; but I do try. My recycling is always out with my garbage and we really pay attention to power usage. But I know there is always more we can do. The great thing is that there are tons of government funded initiatives and websites right at your finger tips (at least in Canada) that encourage you; even pay you to be more eco friendly- you just need to look for them.
In previous years we have had parties in the dark and relied on candle light and guitar music. This year we will be having girls night and dinner by candle light with some good old fashioned girl chit chat.  No movies, music (unless we’re singing) or lights; enjoying company the way it should be.
 I encourage you to partake in Earth hour this year there is an amazing website dedicated to it,, that you can find out all kinds of information on; as well as some cool games.
What about going beyond an hour or a night a year? What about making it a tradition at date nights or dinner to power down and take in the stars or just some great conversation. With warmer months coming up get outside, have a fire and don’t be afraid to power down more than just an hour out of every year.
Because, just as we need a break or special attention so does the earth we live on; so do her the same courtesy and power down.
Lotsa Love,

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