Wednesday, March 16, 2011

When in Rome

When was the last time that you explored the city you lived in? It is so easy to justify shopping expenses when we are on vacation, we can spend whole days shopping or wandering around exploring an area. But, for some reason most of us don’t allow ourselves to indulge on home turf.

A bit of luck from John himself!
On my recent trip to Boston, my girlfriends and I spent an entire day exploring and shopping and then finished it off with dressing up and hitting the town. I do not think that there was any part of our day that wasn’t indulgent or frivolous. It was an amazing day filled with great clothes, food, drink and culture.

This wasn’t our first trip like this, three years ago we had a similar trip to Syracuse. But I cannot for the life of me think of the last time we did something like this at home. It would be so easy to drive into the city and have a very similar day without the seven hour drive, but we don’t...and that makes me wonder why?

Maybe part of it is when you’re on vacation you can justify to yourselves additional expenses. You have to eat, so why not eat out at a great restaurant? You’re going out to a fabulous bar you may never go to again, so why not get an outfit to match? You’re in a fabulous city so why not treat yourself so you feel the same? Or could it simply be the old saying “When in Rome?”

So why do we not feel like we need to be pampered at home, is it because when we’re here all of our responsibilities are glaring at us so it’s not as easy to splurge? Do we not feel as worthy unless we can justify it with a getaway?

The kind of curious freedom that was felt that very warm sunny afternoon in Boston should be felt every day. Yes we have responsibilities, bills and jobs when we are home. But you should not be a slave to them. We should all find time to feel like stars even if it is in our own back yard.

Now I’m not saying to avoid responsibilities or blow all your money on a shopping extravaganza. But I am saying to treat yourself every once in a while and that should not mean every THREE years. It doesn’t even have to have a monetary value attached to it. Take an extra hour getting ready and walk out of your house feeling like a star. Window shop with friends and end it with a walk around town. 


Whatever you decide to do, do it for you, embrace the delectable moment you’re in. Don’t feel guilt to pamper yourself every once in a while. Don’t let yourself forget what it’s like to be pampered.  Strut around town like there’s no one else like you, because there isn’t. This isn’t just for the single girls or married girls without children yet. Especially all you Mom’s out there, take time for you! Giving a little to yourself will help you to feel renewed and will in turn give you that extra boost of energy that you can pour right back into your kids. Allow those moments to seep into your life and watch how they make everything shine.

Lotsa Love,

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