Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Who will our baby be?

As my pregnancy progresses I cant help but ask the question, who will he be? I'm sure that I'm not alone in this, that every parent to be has the same question. The absolute wonderment of the little human you are creating and will soon meet.

I wonder what he will look like, what features he will get from me or Ryan. Will he have Ryan's nose or my smile? Seeing as Ryan and I both have dark features, I'm assuming the baby will be the same, but then again who knows.

More than features I'm curious about who he will be, what his personality will be like. Will he be funny, kind, gentle, warm or serious? Will he like trucks, dolls, worms or tea parties?

After waiting so long to get pregnant and have our very own baby the wait of meeting him seems just too long. Even though time has been flying, I just can't wait for the day my little boy is in my arms and we finally get to meet the angel who picked us as parents. I'm sure the day will be here before we know it and ill be wondering where the time went, but until then I get to enjoy all the moments of pregnancy.

I have been lucky enough to feel him move fairly early on and now frequently. He's a mover and that makes me wonder if he will be once he's out. The ultrasound tech, at our last appointment, warned me that if he moves half as much as he does now when he's out ill be in trouble, ill be running lol. I fear that she may be correct. I'm not quite sure when he sleeps; all I know is he sure likes to move.

So until the day that he decides its time to meet us and I get to learn who he is first hand; I can day dream, hope and wonder.

Lotsa Love,

Monday, June 18, 2012

And it's a.... Boy or Girl?

Nearly at the half way mark of my pregnancy we finally get to have the big ultrasound, the ultrasound where you get to find out if your baby is a boy or girl, if baby cooperates. Now not everyone wants to find this out, as they like the surprise. My husband and I on the other hand never wait to give gifts and cant stand waiting for news. We decided right away that we wanted to know what our little bundle of joy would be and have been counting down ever since. 
All guesses are in and most people are saying that our little bundle will be a boy, with the few that are standing by the girl prediction. We get asked all the time if we have a preference either way and most people don't believe us when we say that we don't. After waiting for so long and never knowing if our dream of being parents would come true for us a baby is the greatest gift no matter what the gender. We are so excited to find out the gender so we can decorate and shop, shop, shop. Time seems to be flying by and before we know it our little bundle will be here.
So did baby cooperate? Are we thinking hues of blues or pinks?
Our little bundle is a… . Boy! We are over the moon excited and are now talking baby names, nursery themes and planning out are shopping excursion for our little man. He more than cooperated and was moving around non stop. Even the ultrasound tech said he he's like this when he comes out I'll be running lol. 
Getting to the half way mark of my pregnancy flew by in a flash, I am very much so enjoying being pregnant, but cannot wait for the 2nd half to fly by so I can finally meet my precious little angel that we have been waiting for, for oh so long.
Lotsa Love,

Thursday, June 14, 2012

What pregnancy has taught me... So far!

We all learn from every life experience we have or at least we have the opportunity to learn. I try to take something from my experiences to keep growing as a person. Some deep and some fluffy.

Being pregnant for sure had its ups and downs, but for me so far it has been a fantastic journey. I'm 19 weeks pregnant, almost at the half way point and being my first time I'm learning a lot.

I learnt that maternity clothes are my best friend, they are built for growing bodies and are super comfy.
Not to take everything seriously I read online, my dr laughs at me pretty regularly.
Ask ask ask, always ask if your wondering, better ask a question and know for sure then not know and always be worrying or cause harm.
Find a comfy bra and buy a few when you do!
Bio oil and other creams are wonderful.
What you think are the most amazing things easily get replaced by a heartbeat, picture from an ultrasound or a kick.
Write everything down because your easily distracted.
Share your experiences with your partner to make them feel included.
Tums calcium is wonderful, always have on hand.
Get properly sized at a maternity store, walking in can be overwhelming and they are there to help.
Enjoy every minute of it, cuz time flies.

I feel so lucky that I get to experience the wonder that is pregnancy. All the good, bad and hormonal; I wouldn't trade in for anything. To know that in a few short months I get to meet the baby I have been dreaming of for over six years, feels surreal to me. I am also incredibly lucky to have an incredibly supportive and loving husband who kisses, talks, listens and loves the baby in my belly non stop.

When it all comes down to it I've learnt how much you can love someone you've never met, an idea, a dream. How much the people around you can get attached and invested to that dream. I am loving this journey and cannot wait to see what I get to experience next on it.

Lotsa love,