Friday, July 12, 2013

4 Trips I need to take!

What destinations do you dream of? If you could go anywhere where would you go?

I have been luck enough to visit some amazing locations like; Costa Rica, Boston MA and Jasper AB, just to name a few. I believe I am definitely a home body but there are a few places that I have placed on my wish list of places i'd love to visit.

Vegas- Poker, Cirque du Soleil, slot machines and all the sparkly lights are something I must explore! This will have to wait till Knox is a bit older and can stay home with the grandparents so he doesn't have to witness mommy and daddy going crazy in

Boston- Yes this is on my list even though I have already been. When I went to Boston, I went with a large group of women for a wedding dress shopping event called running of the brides. It was a blast but we only went for the weekend, spent most of it waiting in line for or participating in the running of the brides (our bride got her dress YAY). We got to explore Harvard and do a bit of shopping and a lot of bar hopping. But there is still a lot on my to do list for Boston. I'd love to go to the aquarium, explore the harbor front and show my hubby Ryan the city I had so much fun in. The people were amazing and I loved my time there. It would be great to go back as a family and explore a totally different side.

Vino- Anyone who knows me knows I love food and wine! lol So one of my dream trips would be a food and wine tour of Italy and France. Exploring the countryside, touring old vineyards, buying local foods...i'm already drooling lol. I would absorb so much from this trip, more then just the wine lol. This is definitely at the top of my list!
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Canada Eh- As a child my mom took me to New Brunswick to visit family and I'd love to go back now as an adult. I've been lucky to travel to and live in Jasper and experience the Rockies, but that was when I was 19. So now as an adult, mommy and wife i'd love to take a chunk of time and travel from coast to coast. Explore all the beauty Canada has to offer and the yummy seafood at either coast lol (I told you I love food!). I think its important to explore and know the country you live in and that's something I want to pass down to Knox.

There are lost of places I'd gladly go, but the above mentioned trips are ones I've thought about for some time now and always seem to be in the back of my mind. Ryan and I have yet to do any traveling together and I cant wait to have some road trip adventures as a family.

What destinations do you dream of?

Lotsa Love,