Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Taking time

In the busy lives we lead today how many of us actually take the time to appreciate the people in our lives that make things great? Most of us are so bus, wrapped up or ignorant to how great we actually have it. I think in a society that always wants more its easy to look past what we have that is so amazing, the great people in our lives.

There will always be things that we want to change, things we can complain about or things that may just suck, but on the other side there will always be good that can be focused on.

I have always believed that I am incredibly lucky when it comes to the amazing people in my life, but there are moments when I take a step back and get to truly appreciate how lucky I am. You hear stories of awful in-laws, mean siblings, untrustworthy friends or people who just don't have any kind of support to be seen. When I hear these stories or when I share some of my stories is when I get a glimpse of how great I really have it. I not only have the people in my life that celebrate the good, they are around 24/7 no matter what the mood. Through my struggles, strengths, most joyous moments or epic fails they are always around to cheer me on. When I speak about my wonderfully supportive husband, crazy loving family, generously warm in-laws or fantastically special friend's people tell me how amazing that is and I believe them.

Coming into incredibly unknown territory, parenthood, I am not nervous or scared, I know the kind of love and support that I get will guide me through all the interesting moments that my new adventure will take me. Knowing the kind of support I get makes me incredibly grateful each and every day.

I think everyone should take time to really take it all in, really appreciate all the people in there lives that make it what it is. I think far too often the people get overlooked and we can tend to focus on the things instead.

So take a moment and take stock of the fine people in your life. Who makes you laugh, smile or is willing to share a cry?

Lotsa Love,