Monday, June 18, 2012

And it's a.... Boy or Girl?

Nearly at the half way mark of my pregnancy we finally get to have the big ultrasound, the ultrasound where you get to find out if your baby is a boy or girl, if baby cooperates. Now not everyone wants to find this out, as they like the surprise. My husband and I on the other hand never wait to give gifts and cant stand waiting for news. We decided right away that we wanted to know what our little bundle of joy would be and have been counting down ever since. 
All guesses are in and most people are saying that our little bundle will be a boy, with the few that are standing by the girl prediction. We get asked all the time if we have a preference either way and most people don't believe us when we say that we don't. After waiting for so long and never knowing if our dream of being parents would come true for us a baby is the greatest gift no matter what the gender. We are so excited to find out the gender so we can decorate and shop, shop, shop. Time seems to be flying by and before we know it our little bundle will be here.
So did baby cooperate? Are we thinking hues of blues or pinks?
Our little bundle is a… . Boy! We are over the moon excited and are now talking baby names, nursery themes and planning out are shopping excursion for our little man. He more than cooperated and was moving around non stop. Even the ultrasound tech said he he's like this when he comes out I'll be running lol. 
Getting to the half way mark of my pregnancy flew by in a flash, I am very much so enjoying being pregnant, but cannot wait for the 2nd half to fly by so I can finally meet my precious little angel that we have been waiting for, for oh so long.
Lotsa Love,

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