Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Who will our baby be?

As my pregnancy progresses I cant help but ask the question, who will he be? I'm sure that I'm not alone in this, that every parent to be has the same question. The absolute wonderment of the little human you are creating and will soon meet.

I wonder what he will look like, what features he will get from me or Ryan. Will he have Ryan's nose or my smile? Seeing as Ryan and I both have dark features, I'm assuming the baby will be the same, but then again who knows.

More than features I'm curious about who he will be, what his personality will be like. Will he be funny, kind, gentle, warm or serious? Will he like trucks, dolls, worms or tea parties?

After waiting so long to get pregnant and have our very own baby the wait of meeting him seems just too long. Even though time has been flying, I just can't wait for the day my little boy is in my arms and we finally get to meet the angel who picked us as parents. I'm sure the day will be here before we know it and ill be wondering where the time went, but until then I get to enjoy all the moments of pregnancy.

I have been lucky enough to feel him move fairly early on and now frequently. He's a mover and that makes me wonder if he will be once he's out. The ultrasound tech, at our last appointment, warned me that if he moves half as much as he does now when he's out ill be in trouble, ill be running lol. I fear that she may be correct. I'm not quite sure when he sleeps; all I know is he sure likes to move.

So until the day that he decides its time to meet us and I get to learn who he is first hand; I can day dream, hope and wonder.

Lotsa Love,

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