Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Back from Boston

Chillin with John Harvard.
Yes that does say guiness latte.
Much needed Starbucks.
No explanation needed...lol
What a great trip! Back from a whirlwind adventure in Boston with my girls and now getting back to routine. Sorry I have not posted in a week, but Charly and I were both in Boston and away from routine, wiffi and free time to write.

I had some wonderfull experiences and got to help out an amazing friend this past weekend though so it was all worth it. I am sure just from this trip I will have so much more to pull from in writeing my blog.

We got to take part in the Boston running of the brides, sorry correction we rocked it. We got to be tourist and explore a small part of Boston.

Don't worry Boston, we'll be back...lol

I will be getting back to my regular posting today.

Lotsa Love,


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