Monday, March 7, 2011

In the Nut

Anytime I do something odd, out there or simply crazy my husband will chuckle and say that goes in the nut! I cannot remember when it started but it has caught on and other people say it to me now. So in return I say back “Well you’re going to have to deal with a little crazy seeping out once in a while there is only so much room in the nut.” Now I hope your all picturing a walnut or pecan because that’s what I’m talking about.

Now it would be easy to take offense to this because I get told things need to go in the nut quite often, I tend to let my crazy out of the nut as much as I can. But, my husband makes it sound so cute and then tells me that he loves the nut and all the silly things that get put into it. He has learned not to fight the crazy but to embrace it, smart man.

It’s all well and good to keep the nut closed while at work or in public places (maybe let a little out ;).)  We all need places and people where we can be ourselves and let the nut crack open for all the fun and crazy to come out (fun crazy only is the only form of crazy accepted, just plain crazy should stay far far away, haha.)

Bring a smile to you and someone else’s face by being silly and free. Frolic and play as we did as children. Laugh out loud and not just through the computer. Remember that just because we are adults does not mean we have to be serious all the time, your face will not crack it you crack a smile.

Let a little crazy out of the nut every once in a while and it will save you from it all popping out at once.

Lotsa love,

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