Thursday, March 31, 2011

Checking In

For those of us who make new years resolutions, being that were a quarter way through 2011, this is a great time to check in to see how they are holding up.

Resolutions have a tendency of bring put on a shelf until were reminded of them. The weather gets nicer and were reminded that summer is no longer very far away, we read a book that reminds us of what we wanted to do or we see a note we wrote about our resolutions.

My resolutions were pretty grand this year; write a book and finally achieve my goal weight. Well I have been writing, but not my book and until recently I hadn't gotten back on track with my weight loss goals.

So for me checking in and reading my resolutions that I wrote down for the year is exactly what I need. This year I will finish my book and reach my goal weight.

Resolutions may change and morph as time goes on; it's normal that we get busy and side tracked. But, we have to remember we made them for a reason and for that reason we should get back on track (if you've strayed) and follow through. We owe it to our selves.

If we cannot follow through for ourselves, who can we?
Lotsa Love,

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