Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Going to the chapel

In the world today where there is definitely a lot more choice when it comes to marriage then before our time, there is a varied amount of feelings on the subject. The simple word Marriage can spark and array of feelings from one person to the next. Some people will do anything for it and will go through great lengths to make it perfect.

I have been married coming up five years in august and I cannot believe how the time has flown by. But before meeting my husband I had no interest in marriage or babies. Suddenly I meet this man fall in love, almost instantly, and where engaged eight months later. So in eight months he managed to change my views on where I wanted my life to go, if you ask him it was all for me…lol But I know he is a big softy and was as much for him, my family and his family as it was for me.

 So seeing as before I said yes, I had no intention of marriage I never had a chance to create a list of rules that I needed to get married or that I needed to be engaged before a certain marker. I have friends that had these rules in place and put them to the side because they truly love the person there with and I have others who clung to those rules to no end. I can’t buy a house with you till were married, no babies till where married or even I need to be married by a certain point.

I was very lucky with all the help I received in planning my wedding and how everything just kind of fell in my lap. Take my dress for example, I went to the store with my now sister in law, Charly, to go to a fitting for her friend. The friend was late so Charly mentioned I should just look around. I went to the sale rack, dress no longer “In Season”, and found a dress that fit me perfectly for…wait for it…$50. I went home with a dress that day and a big part of my budget unscathed.

What made me think of all this is one of my friends is getting married this year and in search for her perfect (inexpensive) dress has enlisted the help of her friends to create “Team Pam” and storm the running of the brides next week in Boston. For anyone who does not know what this is, it is an event that only happens once a year in Boston where designers discount there dresses drastically and brides and their friends (that’s me lol) line up overnight to get ready to storm the gates…lol Picture a giant convention center filled with dresses formally in the thousands, now in the hundreds and the brides running through it trying to find “THE Dress”. I can’t wait! So next weekend Charly and I, with a bunch of our friends, will be taking over Boston in the name of “Pams perfect dress”. So watch out Boston we are coming for you and we are not leaving until our bride is happy…see you next Friday…lol

So in the end remember that everyone’s views on marriage and the actual wedding differ. Marriage is not the same as love you can have one without the other. And if its right it will all be perfect no matter what happens or gets thrown your way. Coming from someone who didn’t see it in my cards, to the person I am today who could not imagine her life any other way, believe me, going with the flow and letting things happen is the best way to do it. 

Lotsa Love,

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