Friday, February 18, 2011

How can I help you? Cue Douche.

WARNING! This post may be a rant! lol

It always amazes me how normally civilized people can become complete douches to people in the service industry. They go from talking in a normal tone to a condescending one in a second. Is it a chemical reaction or are some people just born with the douche gene? You know who I’m talking about, the ones who snap their fingers at servers who are obviously busy or yell at the girl at the counter at the local coffee shop because there is a line up.
 I have worked in the service industry off and on in varying positions for over 10 years, so this have given me much time to study and analyze these people.  I am definitely a strong willed person and trust me the “douchey customer” is definitely the hardest for me to deal with because they are not only impossible to please, they make your life hell and rarely tip (even if it did it wouldn’t really make it any better).
My “research” hasn’t narrowed down the “douchey customer” pay scale or class. It seems that no matter what economic group you belong to you can be susceptible to “doucheness.” I have watched countless numbers of tables interact completely normal with the company of their friends and as soon as the server approaches the table a switch is flicked and there is no going back.
 I have served tables where I can go over clear the table ask if anyone needs anything, attempt to make eye contact with someone because I’m being ignored, finally walk away and then within seconds get the snap/dirty look combo and get grief for not coming to the table for refills. This happened regularly. I have both seen and dealt with first hand things that no one else in any other industry would be expected to deal with…ok maybe customer service agents, they get the raw end of the deal on many occasions.
 So, this makes me wonder, what makes these people think that they can act the way they do? Do they think less because of the position or title? Are they so miserable in their own lives that they need an outlet or do they just not know any better? It wasn’t acceptable in kindergarten to treat your fellow classmates this way or the teacher, so how did they miss this very important lesson on manners when it’s taught so young?
 I used to always say that I thought everyone should be made to work in the service industry at some point in their lives in order to be allowed to enter a restaurant, maybe then they’d change.
I have to admit there are some people out there that should not be working in the industry and in that case speak with the manager, ask for another server. But treat them like the human being they are. Some of the smartest, most down to earth, nicest people I have ever had the pleasure of working with have been in the service industry and I bet anyone of them would have their fair share of horror stories.
I think it comes down to the saying we were taught as children “treat others as you wish to be treated”! I know we all have our bad days and need outlets for them, but trust me it should not be the counter girl or bartender. Remember they are the one who control your food/drink fate and I wouldn’t leave my order in the hands of a mistreated server.

Jackie Robinson

Lotsa Love,

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