Friday, February 4, 2011

There's Nothing Little About the Little Things

We live in a society that thinks “Bigger is better,” but in the grand scheme of things is that really true?
To me, the little things in life are the best! Like someone taking time to notice something new about me or remembering a special event in my life. We tend to focus so much on the material grand gestures, the expensive surprises and the ticket price that we often overlook the part that means the most; the thought that went into it.
 How good do you feel when someone notices your hair, remembers your birthday or checks up on you when you’re sick? The little things mean the most because it proves that person listens, remembers and cares about who you are as a person individually.
Bringing a friends Traveling Gnome on vacation.
Anything for a smile!
 I’m not saying that the grand gestures are bad or that I don’t like them, but how easy is it to buy someone something? And have you noticed that a high percentage of gifts given in relationships are usually when we are making up for something? The classic make-up gift! How much pain could be avoided if the thought went into the little things rather than what can I buy to make this up to her/him?
 Feeling good can be pretty easy if you’re around people that get you. It can be anything from noticing you’re a bit off and asking why, remembering you had an interview and asking how it went or telling you that you look great. No matter how self-sufficient or comfortable we are in our own skin it is always nice to be acknowledged by someone else.
 How many times have you gotten upset because someone didn’t notice your new outfit, hair, weight loss…the list can go on and vice versa how many times has someone been upset with you about something “silly” and you’re not really sure why? You’re left puzzled, confused and feeling the need to go and buy something super nice to make up for it. If we really listened to what people wanted we would quickly see that it’s not what comes out of a wallet.
 It’s not petty to want things, everyone does but at the end of the day it’s not the mansion, the fancy car or elaborate trips that make you feel good. Sure, they may have some preliminary satisfying results. But, without a family to fill the mansion, friends to road trip with and someone special to see the world with, you are left with an empty house, a car you can’t take into the carpool lane (think green people) and many dinners for one.
Saying I love you from far away!
 So listen to your friends, family and partners, they are constantly giving you opportunities to notice them. See your husband or wife and tell them when they look good and if it’s all the time tell them all the time. Remember birthdays, anniversaries and other important life events. When you do one of these little things watch the persons face… see that smile…you did that! You’ll be surprised at how much happier everyone will be; how those people in turn will give back and how the little fights (when she’s mad and won’t tell you why, because you should know) will slowly diminish.

 Go big or go home doesn't apply here. So do me a favor and put your wallet on ice.

Lotsa Love,

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