Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Time Machine

In hindsight the better choice is always so much clearer. It is so easy to say I regret that decision or I wish that never happened or the dreaded “What if?” It’s so easy to dwell on what could have been instead of dealing with what is now and moving forward.

Laughter is the best medicine!

 We all go through things in life, (some more intense than others) that we would like to have wiped clean from our personal slate. As hard as some of these incidents are to go through and how difficult they are to face; they do sculpt who we are today, for better or worse.
 Going back and changing a moment could impact the whole course of your life. There are a ton of things in my life that I would have rather not have dealt with, but I did and came out a stronger, better person because of it. If I made different choices or avoided situations I have no idea where I would be today or the person I’d be.
 When I was younger I was angry at situations and held on to that anger for a long time, but that only was hurting me. I had to choose what I wanted out of my life and look towards those goals instead of dwelling on past upsets or failures.
 However, it is easier said than done. I am not in any way discounting what anyone has been through and suggesting you just get over it. Some people go through unimaginable pain and that can take a long process of healing before someone can successfully move forward and that is warranted behaviour. We are not robots, our feelings drive who we are as human beings and although sometimes we feel pain, were counterbalanced with emotions such as joy, love, passion, etc.
 I chose to move forward and I now like who I am. I live without regrets because I know that they would cause me unnecessary emotional weight that I’m not willing to take.  If you are one of those people holding onto your regrets imagine that each one is a brick you carry on your shoulders. Depending on your regrets you could get bogged down pretty quickly. Present life has its own challenges; you don’t need to carry around past challenges too.

Deal with what gets thrown your way!

 Some people don’t like where they are in their lives so they choose to blame the past and dwell on regrets. But, isn’t it so much better to focus on the great things you have or can have in the future instead of dwelling on the past? Letting go of regrets will help you to move forward and you will start to feel a lot lighter and freer to make positive choices.
 So say “Thank you and good riddens!" to the past and “Good morning Sunshine!” to the bright future that is before you.

Lotsa Love,

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  1. Holy cow, the guy on the left in the picture looks like nathan fillion from castle!