Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Fever

With the smell of barbeques, new bustling in the neighbours yards and the heightened number of people walking this can mean only one thing; Spring Fever!
For those of us that live in areas where it is cold and snowy for half our year, the appearance of grass and sunshine is a thing to be celebrated. The first sign of spring takes barebeques out of the garage, dusty running shoes out of the closet and our itsy bitsy tank tops we’ve been dying to wear again out of storage.
The once restless (done with winter) people put all their pent up energy into getting their yards ready, themselves ready and homes ready for summer time. We burst out of our homes and enjoy the weather. This is actually the topic of conversation for the first few weeks of spring, the weather, people are so happy that the snow is gone that is all they can talk about.
This also triggers the realization that summer is not far away, actually only a few short months away and this is when you see all the walkers and runners emerging prepping for the summer reveal.
I also have a feeling that the beer and wine sales spike the first couple weeks of spring, people busting out the barbeques tends to include an aspect of entertaining (to prove they have not lost their fierce barbequing skills) and celebrating the new found sunny, warm weather.
Finally the end of hibernation is here, for those of us that do not enjoy the cold and the long dark days, it is time to emerge from the darkness and enjoy time outside. Get outside and be active, get the whole family involved. Let your face meet the sun that it has been hidden from since December and get moving.
For those of you who are not fans of winter there is no time to waste, go out there and enjoy it now before it fly’s away. Take your date night outside, join a walking/running group and play with your dog, anything to get you moving again.
Join the spring fever movement, get outside and enjoy life. Who knows what you may discover while you’re out there.

Lotsa Love,

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