Monday, April 18, 2011

For the love of food

With so many amazing options in the world of food, what's not to love?

I may not be able to paint or draw but put me in a kitchen and watch me go. I even love grocery shopping, the whole time I'm imagining all the things I will create. My husband laughs at me because I'll come home excited wanting to show him all my finds and his response is "I don't care babe, I know it's going to be great." I guess not everyone is as excited by groceries as me.

My husband claims I am the pickiest eater that will eat almost anything. My take on it is that I know what I like, I will try something new, but once I've tried something a few times I'm not going to keep eating what I don't like when there's so many things I do. He laughs at my rules like I don't like BBQ sauce except for on BBQ chicken and I have issues with sweet things that aren't desert. Lol I chalk it up to I like what I like and I don't what I don't.

Oils, spices and sauces oh my. I love getting in the kitchen with something new and trying it out. Cooking, puttering around in the kitchen is something I look forward to in my day.

Entertaining is also a big part of my love for cooking. I get to express myself through my cooking and watch how others interpret it.

I am very happy to have things like cooking and writing in my life. Everyone should have creative outlets to express themselves with. Be it art, design, music or sharing my love for food; expression is a great outlet and way to grow and learn.

What is your creative outlet, how do you express yourself? You may not even recognize what your doing as creative or a form of expression but if you look close enough you will see it. Nurture your creative side, have fun with it, try something new and allow yourself to be free in your art. Because the more free we are with ourselves the better we can open up and share with others.

Lotsa Love,

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