Sunday, April 10, 2011


When the tension builds up and you feel stuck, helpless or ready to explode; how do you deal? How do you get release from the pent up anger, frustration or stress?

I used to be horrible at dealing with stress and anger, I would let it bottle up until I couldn’t take it any longer or ignore it all together.  As I got older I realized how ineffective and unhealthy my methods were. I have now learnt to try and resolve the issue and for the ones where there is no resolution or it’s directed at an issue I have no power over to try and use an outlet.

For some people simply running a bath and soaking all the days issues away is resolution enough, they can let the stressors go down the drain after their soak is done. While I do enjoy baths and find them relaxing, they do not give me the kind of release I need when I have pent up issues.

Running has always seemed to be a great de-stressor for me, something about running outside by myself the wind, sun and never ending free space for me to run is an amazing stress reliever for me. It’s like the harder I run the more I’m breaking out of my stress cage and it feel’s great.

Recently my husband purchased a set of throwing knives and anyone who knows me knows I have a strong dislike for knives. I couldn’t figure out what the attraction was until one night after dinner at my in laws all the guys went outside, leaving the girls still sitting at the table, to use the throwing knives (in a safe and controlled environment). At first I had no interest in joining, but then my curiosity took over and I ventured outside. I watched the guys all taking turns and the odd rush they all seemed to be getting from it, so I decided to give it a shot. My first attempt I was nervous and unsure on how they would work or react; this try was not so great. My husband was like “Tash just throw it, give it some muscle” so I did just that I stopped worrying and threw, the knife made a whistle and ended up right into the target and I got this rush, after that every time I threw one I felt a rush of adrenaline and afterwards felt amazingly de-stressed. I think a big part of it was that for me to get into the act I had to release my fear and just go with it and that alone is a great feet.

Now I am not an advocate for violence or violent acts, but I do now have a better understanding for some sports or past times that before unnerved me. I can now see the attraction and am not as closed minded as I may have been before. I realized that just because an item or activity can be used for bad things doesn’t mean that it is a bad thing and that everything is what you make of it.

Sometimes acting "crazy" is the
best way to stay "sane"!
I have also felt a similar feeling while using my sister in laws punching bag, playing paint ball and having play wrestle fights on blow up mattresses with a few friends (sounds crazy but man it’s fun). I think using physical outlets to get rid of mental or emotional stress is completely healthy as long as it stays that way. In no way am I suggesting fighting (unless it’s regulated and in a ring) or releasing aggression on others. I am simply suggesting that physically challenging outlets can be some of the best ways to release. Sometimes all we need is to push our physical limits to be able to relieve tension from our pressed limits mentally.

Find an outlet that works for you and use it appropriately. It can be anything as long as it works for you; De-stress in a bubble bath, run your worries away, journal your thoughts, put on a fat suit and sumo wrestle... No matter how silly or crazy what you’re doing may look (sometimes those are the best ones), find a way to outlet your emotions and keep your mind, body and soul all healthy.

Lotsa Love,

Do you have a way to de-stress, unwind or an interesting outlet? Share with us and comment below.

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