Monday, April 11, 2011

Do you believe in magic?

The Magic of silly laughter!

Remember what it is like to be a kid with the imagination, grand dreams and belief in magic? Unexplainable things could be simply explained by "It's magic". 
Somewhere along the line we get jaded, the answer "It’s magic" no longer will do and we start losing that wondrous spark. 
I think part of it is that children don't have the issues to deal with that we do, they are (or should be) more sheltered then us. Our challenges and difficulties take place of the play times we once used to enjoy as children. 
Before we used to be jealous of a friends toys, now we deal with marriage, houses (not the pink play kind), babies and fertility. I guess we have a lot more to be jaded about if everything isn't going our way. I know I have found myself in a very ugly place angry about what I felt I deserved over someone else. But who am I to judge, who am I to decide what's fair? 
At some point we (most of us) stop believing that anything is possible and lean towards the more cynical side. While I understand that we will never be the same wide eyed adventurers we were as children, I like to hope that we can still let some of that spark live on. 
After all isn't love magical or friendship, babies and the very many blends of chocolate and coffee! Our views may change and the things that are important to us. But, that doesn't mean we still can't find the magic. 
So do me a favour reignite that spark, find the magic or simply create it. Go outside at night and stare out into the night sky with wonderment, acknowledge all the special magical moments in your life. Give the cynical side a vacation and let in the amazing opportunities for magic.

Lotsa Love,

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