Monday, April 4, 2011

Rainy Days

On days like these where it's raining and cool my first inclination is to stay wrapped in blankets in bed or migrate to the couch with a good book.

Inevitably with spring comes the rain and the days where I struggle most to get out of bed. I find this most prominent when the rain follows a few great sunny days and I have been spoiled by the great weather.

The rain can also make me long for the summer and my cottage. Don't get me wrong sunny cottage days are the best, but there is something special about rainy days at the cottage. We get the wood stove going and everyone finds a couch or jumps into one already occupied for a book reading snuggle fest. On the sunny days we are soak up  every moment outdoors on the dock but mostly in the water. The "relaxing" weekend ends up being busier then some weeks because we are active and motivated to be outside. So when a rainy day comes along and your not at home so you don't have regular chores to preoccupy you, all you have to do is veg. Board games, movies, naps and reading books takes over your day and you get recharged.

So even though I am not particularly fond of the rain, I do have fond memories and look forward to a few special days at my cottage where watches come off and the couch is your home.

There is need for balance in all things we do. It's great to fill your days and go go go, but don't miss out on opportunities  for down time or you time. Allow yourself time to recharge and it will make the rest so much easier to get through.

On the days where you find yourself feeling like you want to do absolutely nothin, instead of feeling guilty, remind yourself that you deserve it every once and awhile and just enjoy the serenity without replaying in your head all the things you could be doing. If you give yourself a chance to recharge, you'll be way more efficient the next time you decide to tackle a big project.

Lotsa Love,

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