Thursday, April 14, 2011

Infertility Awareness Month

Seeing as April is the infertility awareness month and I have a personal attachment to the issue I thought I would give it it's much needed attention.

Infertility is a tricky and emotionally draining issue. So many couples are affected by infertility, over a quarter of a million in Canada, and yet it still remains an issue unaided by the government.

Couples faced with infertility issues are already under emotional stress, it can test the strength of your relationship. I know that it has being trying on myself and my husband. When you want something so bad, something you whole heartily feel you deserve it's hard to face month after month that it might not happen for you. You feel relieved when your DR tells you you're going to be referred and then when you get to the specialist is when you find out for a low payment of 7000.00 a pregnancy could be yours, no guarantees. Like that won't add anymore stress to the couple.

In some cases diet, vitamins, weight loss/gain can be treatment enough. If you've been trying and have been unsuccessful don't wait to see your dr the longer you put it off the harder it gets.

In Ontario the government does not fund infertility treatments and the emotionally drained couple is left to foot the hefty bill. If you feel like I do let your government know that it's not ok, that this issue should get more attention and support.

If you know someone who's been struggling encourage them to talk to their dr and to even do some of there own research, not to much though I read everything and now have no idea how accidental pregnancies happen. Search online for support groups. If your struggling know your not alone and there is help.

I know how emotionally crippling some days can be and how it can be easy to be angry at the world. Take stock in your relationship, make sure that doesn't suffer, stay strong and together you can get through it.

Lotsa love,

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