Friday, April 15, 2011

Don't sweat the small stuff!

With so much wrong in the world why waste time sweating the trivial small stuff? 

People are starving, suffering and in need of some serious love, yet somehow we find time to sweat a bad hair day. 

We all have our bad days, moments or even months and we can think that it’s the worst it can get, however I can guarantee there is someone who has it worst off. I am not trying to disqualifie your struggles, I am simply pointing out that there (in some cases) far worst things then what we are currently going through. There is always a ying to a yang and a positive to any negative. Your cup can be half empty or half full it’s always how we look at things, are your glasses rose coloured or grey? 

I have had a many a bad day or moment where I have my very own pity party, it’s not until one of the great people in my life, by doing nothing else but being who they are to me, show me that I am lucky, it could be worse and I am lucky to be me. 

It’s okay to have bad days and it’s okay to feel sorry for yourself every once in a while. But we have to remember we control our lives, no one else and you can be the only one to decide how you overcome the hard times. Do you sulk in your own pity party convinced that you’re doomed or focus on what’s good and what’s to come?

Remember for every bad day there is a lot more good, for every bit of darkness there is the light and when the chips fall and your down you’re not alone. Take stock in the good things in your life and if your unhappy move towards a happier, sunny future. Because no matter what gets thrown at you remember you’re the only one that can decide your strength to catch and release instead of holding on to the negative. 

Lotsa Love,

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