Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In search of the Perfect Employer

After working in a varied amount of fields I have had my fair share of employer types, still to this day I have yet to find the illusive perfect employer (I will never give up the hunt).

I have worked in everything from Restaurants as a server to taking on a position as Training and Support Coordinator for a major Canadian company and have collected a wide range a skill sets. I have changed jobs more than a few times because like in everything else in my life I refuse to settle.

I have found employers who started out amazing with big promises of nurturing new skills and amazing growth potential, only to be later used and walked all over. My biggest problem is that I have a problem saying no. I pick up new skills quickly, so learning a new job doesn’t take me much time, because of that I am an easy candidate to give extra duties (most time without any extra pay). For the longest time I put up with it because to me I was learning new skills and to me an opportunity to learn should not be wasted.  Unfortunately when you have that attitude it gets easy to be taken advantage of and that’s when jobs tend to turn south.

My Husband laughs at me all the time when I say that I’m bored and hate being at a job where I feel like I’m doing nothing, he always says “Babe if they are going to pay you to do nothing then do nothing”. I never listen and then end up in the same cycle of taking on extra duties outside of my pay grade and being taken advantage of all over again (you’d think id learn).

So my question is, is it really too much to ask to be challenged, to feel appreciated and noticed for work done?  I once had an employer who told me “if you don’t hear from me it’s a good thing, you don’t want to hear from me. I don’t stroke egos I don’t have time for that so we will talk when you do something wrong”; coming from the women who during my interview and job acceptance promised an environment that fostered growth and development.

I’m not na├»ve; I know every job has its ups and downs. I’m not asking for someone to tell me that everything I do is amazing at every moment of the day, but every once in a while would be nice. I am not asking for rainbows and gum drops; just as I would expect an employee to deliver on what they said in an interview I expect the same from the employer.  I feel like I have a lot to offer and I have a lot more I want to learn, so I would love to be in an environment where that is allowed. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be challenged and allowed to grow as an employee and an individual?

Well my hunt will continue, I will not stop… Perfect employer if you’re out there I’m coming, I will find you! To everyone else out there that knows what I’m talking about, don’t settle. I’m not telling you to get up and quit your job, but don’t settle. Know your worth and shoot for the stars. Never give up on your dreams and never stop learning and growing. Be the best you in everything you do and the rest will just fall into place.

Lotsa Love,

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