Monday, January 31, 2011

Red Rover

Somewhere along the path of life we get it in our heads that we need to “Grow Up”; in some aspects I agree, but there is that Peter Pan inside of me that wants to scream “NO!” When we were kids we got to dress in mix matched clothes, jump in puddles and play awesome games, why is this not ok as an adult?
 I realized how much I missed these childhood games when I became addicted to rock band. This also brought out my inner rock goddess. I realized that along with so many other “childish” things that we let go as we get older, games were deemed so much cooler when we were young.
 When is the last time you played tag, red rover or dress up even? We have so much creative freedom when we are little, with no boundaries of what we can imagine or where our minds get to explore in our games. My favourite thing by far as a child was dress up. I would play with friends and even sometimes by myself for hours. I traveled all over the world solving crimes; I was a Victorian damsel, a secret spy and a famous singer all in one afternoon. I was active, running around outside all day and by supper both my mind and body were exhausted, but from the best day of play ever! By the time bedtime came, I was one goodnight story away from a peaceful slumber. And by morning, I couldn’t wait to jump out of bed to start a new adventure.
 Now that we’re grown up, in most cases, we are what we are and imagining is left for the children, but why? Does that part of our brain shut down at a certain age or is there a secret memo that gets sent out telling us that tag is no longer appropriate?
 I think that tag, twister and tether ball (oh my) are totally appropriate and a great way to get active! So the next time you have some free time and don’t say that you don’t, plan a picnic with your friends and play tag. Have ridiculous themed birthday parties! Have a date night and play twister. Have a girls/guys weekend and go CRAZY, play ninja, have a dress up party and just be silly. We spend so much time being serious that the little fun person in us disappears a little more each day. You don’t want the fun in you to disappear permanently do you? That would just be sad!
Girls weekend at the cottage.
 So do whatever it takes as often as you can to keep the child-like spirit alive in you, you might be amazed at how keeping that alive may drive you to do something amazing in your adult life. Everyday is an adventure and the best part is; you choose your own story!

Lotsa Love,


  1. I enjoyed reading your article. I agree with you totally. As I child I use to participate in many fun games outside and inside with friends or alone. It didn't matter It was my own world that best described me as a happy child in a wonderful world. As I became an adult I forgot what it was like to have fun, play games and get dirty. I'm always concerned about being an adult and making good impressions. After reading this, starting today I'm going to get wild. Let the mascara runs, let my hair down, run in the streets yelling "I'm an adult but I still have a whole lot of kid in me and who wants to play one, two, three Red Lights" !