Tuesday, January 25, 2011

“Jalapeno Twist”

When we are kids our parents tend to fill our days with all sorts of extracurricular activities. As we get older those tend to slip away and get replaced with work and maintaining the house. When is the last time you played a sport or participated in a group activity?
When I was younger I did all sorts of things; like gymnastics, horseback riding, field hockey and acting just to name a few. Getting older I still thought of myself as active and sporty…but not so much. It wasn’t until I had to fill out my interests, activities and sports section out on Facebook, that I realized I didn’t do any of that anymore! So I started a little at home exercise and thought that might be sufficient-NOPE! It wasn’t until my Sisters birthday one year; she wanted to take a pole dancing class. So we did and boy was I humbled…lol. They make it look so easy! My husband expected me to come home with some sexy moves, instead I went home bruised, with pole burn on my arm (oh yes that exists) and a whole lot of sore muscles. But I also had a TON of fun.  I may not have mastered the “Jalapeno Twist”, but I gained a great memory and decided to try new things more often. Now whenever I am asked to try a new class or something that I would normally say no to right away; I really try to make time for it. I have since trained for and completed a 5k race, fallen in love with Zumba, attended a Yoga retreat in the rainforest in Costa Rica and I am upgrading my French.

So in closing, make time to try something new. Learn a sexy new language, take a fun class with your friends, maybe even a course you always wanted to take in school and can now do through night classes. You never know you may just inspire your friends and family too!

Lotsa Love,

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  1. That girl in the picture with you, she looks like I've seen her somewhere....Revlon? Maybelline? No, she looks like a Cover Girl!
    I hope to see her one day on Ellen, she looks like she can dance! Although, I don't think she would be able to master the Jalapeno Twist but she would say "Good on you for trying!"