Friday, January 28, 2011

The "L" Word

We assume the people in our lives know we love know them, why wouldn’t they? We are happy to see them and we miss them when they are away from us. We celebrate momentous moments in their lives as they do ours. We go out of our way to do things to make them happy, so it would be seemingly obvious that they are a great part in our life. But how often do you actually use the "L" word to express fully how much you care? I love you, 3 simple words that for many entail a very complex statement.
A Happy Kind of Love!
Once we are in relationships that are “comfortable” (come on girls you know what I’m talking about, fancy lingerie to granny panties, don’t worry it happens to all of us from time to time) we tend to stop the big romantic gestures and the “L” word can get lost somewhere in translation, but why? Do we love them any less then when we first started dating? Do we not love our friends, our family? If anything as time goes on, we love them more. So why does the “L” word get used less?
I think that it is that nasty word “comfortable.” I think when we are that comfortable we assume that they know and I’m sure they do on some level. But knowing and feeling are two totally different things and I’d much rather feel something than just know I’m right about it. You know the saying “if you're told something enough you start to believe it.” Well that can be true in reverse. If you don’t tell someone something we can think that they know they may start to forget how we really feel.
My husband and I probably, according to most people, over use the “L” word. I even have a song that I sing to him occasionally about how easy it is to love him (I know gag right). But, we don’t say it because we feel obligated; we say it whenever we feel it.  My friends and I say it all the time (they don’t get the song though), because without them a big piece of me would be missing. My family and I even came up with different voices to say it in. No we are not crazy, ok maybe a little bit; but mainly we just want the people we care about to know that they are important to us.
Share the Love!
 So next time you are with thinking the “L” word in your head-TELL THEM. It may be weird at first, but it will also feel great and I’m sure they’ll feel great too. Tell your partner, family and friends how you feel about them. It won’t just make them feel good, but you too. If the "L" word really freaks you out (dont' worry you're not the first) then make up a code word that you can use to mean the same thing.
Tell them in a text, on twitter, Facebook, by email or scream it from the roof tops. Whatever you do or how you choose to say it, just make sure they know they are loved!

Lotsa Love,

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