Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Meet the Family

We all think that we know our families, how couldn’t we? They're our families. But when you really get down to it how much do you really know? You know the basic stuff, but what about the stuff that most of us don’t talk about with our families? Like what are their biggest fears? What are their dreams? Are they truly happy? What was a nickname they had growing up? Who was their first love or even their favourite color? It sounds silly, but can you answer those questions about someone in your family?
 When we are younger the adults in our family would never dream of talking to us about what makes them tick. It would make them look like less of a superhero.  They all have their roles in making us who we are. As we get older we still are there children, nieces/nephews and grandchildren, but we also can start to fall into that friend category.
Face your fears with your family and come out on top!
 It’s funny to think that most people probably know more about their friends then they do their family. I think it’s because when you ask a question you’re going to get an answer and some of us may not be ready to get those answers. I would like to think that I would want to know if my Dad was unhappy, but do I really want to hear that?
 When I was a teen my Dad and I were like oil and water, but as I got older and took the time to get to know him as a person and not just as a Dad we became much closer. Now I look forward to stoking the fire up at the cottage and listening to his stories or plans for renovations etc… I was also lucky enough to go on an incredible 15 day vacation with my mom, sister and aunt. The four of us probably have not spent that much time together since I lived at home in my teens. When you take people out of their comfort zones and challenge them every day you learn a lot about what makes them tick. Since that vacation I can say that I think we are all closer and have a different appreciation for each other.
 For the few people in the world who get to be best friends with their family I congratulate you, it is a great thing when you can be that close. I was lucky enough to marry into one of those wacky families where everyone is friends and brothers and sisters choose to spend large amounts of time together. For the rest of us who need to work at it a little harder, try hanging out with someone from your family and try (its hard I know) to look at them like a person and not just your brother, aunt, grandma or mom. Instead of slinking off early at family gatherings, try sitting with your Dad and ask him about the good ole’ days. Call your grandparents and have a date with them. Whatever it takes to open the lines of communication! Get to know your family because I bet you they are pretty cool and probably deserve to be put into the friend category with the rest of the non-related folk!

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