Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lady Gaga said it Best- “Just Dance”

You would think that being beside a gorgeous pool and waterfall, listening to salsa music and being in the sunshine would make people want to dance (or at least shimmy), NOPE! As I found out on my recent trip to Costa Rica, people don’t like to dance in public unless everyone else is doing it. The four of us were dancing away enjoying the sunlight and feeling the music. We realized that no one else was dancing, even more that people were staring and either giving the stink eye or had sun in their eye, still not sure which. It must have looked weird four people dancing to MUSIC?

 One elderly lady was obviously very wise because despite just having knee replacement surgery she was getting her groove on in her chair. Now you have to know that this was only day two of a fifteen day trip and I danced all the time (while enjoying food, on the beach, in the rainforest, while showering, I especially boogied when a snake went past me on a trail, and anytime I had to wait in line.) So the weird looks continued throughout the remainder of our trip.
 Now this happens at home as well, it is not just while on vacation. My brother-in-law and I used to car pool and we got stuck in crazy traffic every day. Instead of getting cranky we would crank up our favourite radio station Hot 89.9 and make up silly dance moves (routines even). I can only imagine what we looked like to the other drivers sitting there angry with the traffic while we busted a move. We may have looked crazy, but our insanity was intact by the end of a long 2 hours in traffic.
 I think that we are all so afraid of what everyone else is thinking that we don’t just let go. We don’t stop to smell the flowers, enjoy a good read or just dance. So next time you’re out and you see those very brave girls dancing when no one else is (it’s probably me), instead of judging, think about how much fun they are having and join in.
We tend to judge ourselves harder than anyone else does. So, take yourself out from under the microscope and you’ll see the world from a much better view. It’s ok to be the only one doing something or to look silly, it’ll be fun. So go ahead, even just at home by yourself. Tasks like doing dishes or cleaning the bathroom are no longer as tedious if you boogie while you work- JUST DANCE!

Lotsa Love,

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  1. There was a day when I would go to wedding receptions and sit around and wait for a nice slow song to dance to with Lynn, which was great... but now I look forward to these events as full out dance-a-thons. Once you hop the dancing fence there is no going back!

    Let's here it for more guys on the dance floor!

    ~Cheers DH