Sunday, November 6, 2011

Update- Being Couple A

Since the announcement that all five couples won the IVF treatments through The New Hot 89.9 Win a Baby contest we have been on a super happy cloud built for two…or ten. J It’s not only great that the radio station gave us all the prize, but they also gave us all a great friendship.  Since the day of the contest announcement we all hall been in touch, almost daily, keeping up to date with everyday life things and of course our IVF progress and I feel very lucky for it.
Photo of all five couples taken the day of the radio announcement.

Ryan and I have just had our first (overwhelming) appointment to sign consents, agree on embryo numbers and work out my hormone treatment. I have never been so happy to sign so much paperwork or be called the “egg donor” lol. After discussing everything with our DR we still need to complete and online course explaining my type of hormone therapy (Agonist), that we should be able to complete in a week or two. The clinic is closed for a week in December, so this brings us to January.

In our appointment our DR brought up a funny topic (funny to me because I just blogged about losing weight). He recommends that I loose between 20-40lbs before I start IVF hormones and after the numbers he gave me on miscarriage, diabetes and overall health of the baby and me, I agreed.  So being that the absolute earliest we could start anyways is January I’ve got great motivation and determination. I’ve worked it out; if I lost 2lbs a week (which is still in the healthy range) I could lose 20lbs by the time I would need to start hormones in January.  YAY

So if you see me going near a fast food restaurant honk at me… don’t let me eat my mom’s shortbread and no I do not want chocolate…lol  If you see a very unhappy runner in the snow, it’s probably me and I would just stay clear…lol

We are just so over the moon about this whole opportunity that not even weight loss and dieting can bring me down. I am happy that I have a great new group of friends who will all be hormonal and crazy alongside me and that Ryan has a bunch of great guys (the husbands) who can understand what it’s like to deal with one of us.  The girls from the top five are meeting up in the near future for the first time since the contest for a fun girl’s night and I cannot wait, we will all have had our appointments and know our treatment plans by then.

So thank you Hot 89.9, all the people who support us and the wonderful staff at The Ottawa Fertility Clinic. I have never been more excited to be poked and prodded at then I am right now!

Lotsa Love,

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  1. Thats awesome :) Good luck with the weight loss plan :) I know neil was a huge help to me after Jack was born by not minding when i took all sorts of junk food(ie chips chocolate etc) out of the house!! then there was no temptation!! The weight watchers plan also helped me to lose 60 lbs so that might be an idea too. anyways i wish you all the best and good luck with everything :) let me know if you wanna see the weight watchers stuff :)