Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas Joy

With Christmas less than a month away, holiday songs are on the airways and all stores are decked out with Christmas items. There are many different views on Christmas shopping and decorating; where do you stand?

I am someone who loves Christmas decorations, decorating the house, Christmas baking and all the sparkly glittery items and of course twinkle lights. I even love the smell of Christmas, baked goods and pine trees…yum! I would decorate for Christmas on November first if my hubby would let me, he would be happy with decorating on December twenty fourth and taking them down on the twenty sixth. I feel that is just not enough time to take in all the sparkly Christmas glory.
Now I’m not so crazy over Christmas that I am playing the music all day long, wearing a Christmas sweater and drinking hot cocoa as I write. But I am a lover of the spirit of Christmas. There is something magical about a warm fire, light snowflakes gently falling outside, curled up eating baked goods and wrapping gifts. I love that it is the time of year that family and friends all come together, travel home and spend some amazing times together. I love all the different family traditions and memories created singing carols and making gingerbread houses at the age of 30.

I have yet to decorate for Christmas, not of my choosing, I work two jobs, attempt to blog semi regularly and have a loving husband, families and friends to spend time with, oh and my dog. So I am hoping to get my decorating done this week…can’t wait!

How do you feel about Christmas? Are you a decorating fiend or a crazy Christmas baker? Are you more of a scrooge then a happy elf? How do you feel about this special time of year?
I love hearing about everyone’s family traditions and stories from Christmas, so hopefully you will share.

I think that with anything in life we can make what we want of it! We can focus on the stress of travel, cost of gifts and time spent decorating or we can focus on time spent with family, the joy on a special someone’s face when you found that gift that was meant for them and memories made decorating the Christmas tree. I think as we get older most for us lose the magic of Christmas, so in my opinion get it back. Stop rushing around without stopping to take in all the splendor of the holidays, stop worrying that you didn’t get enough gifts or spend enough on a person, because that’s not what it’s about. Try and remember what it was like for you as a child and go back to that sparkly, new, happy place. Let go of the cynical views of the commercialization of Christmas and enjoy the JOY!

Because trust me, it’s never a bad thing to have too much joy in your life, so share the sparkle! 

Lotsa Love,

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