Thursday, November 3, 2011

From Big Macs to Big Salads

I used to watch what I ate, worked out and tried to be healthy. After we were told we couldn’t have children naturally I stopped it all and went on a “gonna eat what I want, I’m angry” binge. Now that we have won IVF treatments the prospect of carrying a baby is closer than ever before so we decided to eat healthier, stop drinking and cut down on caffeine; it’s been interesting…lol

I absolutely know the importance of eating healthy all the time, I know I feel better when I work out and know that booze and coffee aren’t always good for me. However, doesn’t mean I don’t like deep fried anything, love coffee and really enjoy a glass (or two) of red wine … oh and lounging on the couch.  The idea of staying in bed all day all curled up makes me happy inside… the idea of getting up when it’s cold outside and going for a run…not so much.

I have to say that out of all my failed diet/eating healthy attempts I have the greatest motivation this time, I have always dieted for me but my motivations may have been a bit more vain in my previous attempts. I know that being healthy (eating right, getting rest, exercise, water) is incredibly important in having a baby and knowing that my IVF treatment could begin any month now is motivation enough. Being wacked out on hormones is hard enough on the body when you are being nice to it on a regular basis little own mistreating it.

So what am I doing? Well booze has been cut out altogether (empty calories and booze + hormones…lol), I’m trying to cut out deep fried/fast foods, packing snacks and lunches, taking my vitamins daily and trying to eat balanced meals. I haven’t gotten back on the exercise train yet, but I do want to get back into yoga/pilotes, get my stretch on.

What I have learned from my many years of dieting is that ultimately you have to do it for you. Am I putting a rush on getting healthy because I know I could be getting preggers soon yes, but do I “HAVE” to…NO! Many people have children all the time without ever making a change to their eating/lifestyle habits. I am choosing for me to be as healthy as I can be in my normal life setting, no extremes. I know that if you try to diet for someone or something else other than yourself it will not work. Projecting what you think someone else wants or needs will not work, in fact will probably fail epicly.  Because, you are the one eating that salad, you are the one out running and it’s you who will succeed.  Plus eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring or celery and water, have fun with it explore, learn about foods and might even have fun.

So, use something or someone as inspiration or motivation but in the end be healthy for you. Be happy with who you are today and aim to improve your health, increase your energy or to complete a goal (5k race). Make your goals obtainable and realistic when changing your lifestyle and do it in baby steps to avoid crazy fallout binging…lol.  Have fun with your foods and exercises, join a club or an online group and make it a lifestyle change instead of a flash diet.  Love who you are and aim for a healthier version of you today!

Lotsa Love,

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