Monday, November 14, 2011

Friends in new places

As a child we make friends faster than we can tie our laces; were BFF’s in a matter of minutes…Friends at first site. Somewhere along the line as we get older and more stuck in our ways most of us seem to forget that we can make new friends and that there is a whole big world out there filled with interesting people to meet.

I think part of the issue is when we get older we fear more; we become defensive and put our guards up. Strangers who talk to us while out are “strange” and our alerts go up; we rarely strike up a conversation little own make eye contact with someone we don’t know.  We fear rejection where as a child that never crossed my mind.

We make excuses like we are too busy, so there is no way to fit anything or anyone into our lives, our lives are fine the way they are why do we need to make the effort to make new friends?

BECAUSE! Every new person that we meet teaches us something new; about ourselves, people and gives us the opportunity to teach as well.

I love my close BFF’s; I couldn’t imagine my life without them. But do we all share every interest or are we all going through the same things in life? No, that’s what makes a collage of friends so interesting. You are all different and bring a different dynamic, a different flavor to the group. So why not add another, try a different flavor combination?

I just recently had dinner with an amazing group of women, my Win a Baby top five winners. Other than meeting for the first time at the radio station and chatting through Facebook, this was our first time all spending time together. What could have been a quick and awkward dinner between strangers was in fact a three hour long amazingly comfortable dinner between friends. The time flew by and I know I left dinner happy and excited by what’s in store for my very near future. We may have been brought together by very unordinary circumstances, but we chose to exchange information and we all make the effort to stay in contact.

I’m not saying to talk to everyone you meet or befriend every stranger you pass by. What I am saying is open yourself up, put yourself out there and see what’s out there.  Meet new people, have new experiences and break out of your bubble. Let someone new in or 4…lol If you have a hobby join a group or talk about in on twitter or Facebook it’s amazing the people you will find that have the same hobbies as you. If you’re dieting join an online group and get support from people going through it with you. If you’re at a bookstore and you see someone struggling to decide to buy a book that you’ve read give them your opinion.

Open yourself up and you’ll be amazed at all the new adventures and opportunities that open up for you.

Lotsa Love,

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