Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer Loving

Party Weekend!

With May creeping to an end and the ridiculous amount of rain we have been getting, I cannot do anything but dream and wait for summer. One of my favourite places in the world is my family’s cottage, this summer will be the 25th summer we have had there and all the memories that go with it make it a treasured part of who I am.

I fell in love with water and the stars from the same dock that we dive off of today and even though  I’m older and don’t have to wear flotties anymore (sometimes do when to many margaritas are involved), I still get that childlike glee when I know its cottage time.

Bailey and Bella rescuing sticks!
As an adult it has become a big part of my friends summers as well; birthdays, sad days, much needed getaways and even honeymoons and anniversaries have been spent at the Sinclair/Kearney cottage. It’s one of those places that morphs and becomes part of your soul, when your away to long you miss it. The hammocks, bonfires, gorgeous view, clean water and always great food, drink and company.

So seeing as it is now mid-May and the rain has kept me from going up to my cottage(roads are washed out), I am itching to go. It doesn’t even matter to me if when I’m there if it’s raining or if the sun is shining you can barely drag me away from the water. My mom calls me her fish, even a near drowning water skiing incident when I was very young couldn’t keep me away from the water, my mom tells me that once she knew I was ok she was terrified that it would cause a fear for me of the water, but no soon as I recovered I was back doing cannon balls from the top dock and choreographing water routines with pool noodles.
Girls weekend,
 we found my dads hat collection!

The scratches and bruises from playing in the forest, forts and ropes off of giant rocks into the water, our 50 ft. water slide called the silver bullet, crazy day long trips to secret passages to other lakes and late nights by the bonfire is just scratches of the surface of memories I have shared with family and friends. I cannot wait to someday have children and introduce them to their lifetime of memories there as well.
View from the top dock!

So I urge you Mr Sun please come out and dry up all the rain so we can open my cottage and I can be reunited with my favourite place to play and relax. I cannot wait until I get to pack up the car, get poutine on the way (of course), stop at the depeneur, watch the excitement from my dog build as we get closer to the water and she can smell the cottage and finally arrive to the magical place that has very much help build who I am today.  


Lotsa Love,


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