Monday, May 23, 2011

Day off dilemma

When the work week is done and you’re not running to classes, sports, meetings or events how do you choose to spend your days off?
Our work weeks are packed enough but we still add on events, fundraisers, birthdays and classes that an actual day off without plans and responsibilities are rare. When these days finally grace us with their presence how do you spend your time?
Do you catch up on left behind chores from the work week and get in a bit of spring cleaning? Even though I know this is what I should be doing with my free time I hate to give myself over, my rare free time, to cleaning and organizing. I feel like I need to rebel sometimes from the never ending pile of things to do or I may go insane. It’s no fun being responsible and “grown up” all the time anyways.
Do you catch up on your hobbies or practice a craft? Painting, knitting, guitar or writing can be a nice distraction from the day to day hectic schedule that many of us lead. But I know many people that cannot focus or put all their attention into a hobby unless everything around them is just so and they feel like they are allowed to give in to some them time.
How about taking a day strictly to be lazy? Sleep in way past your regular wake up time, stay in your jammies, a day full of comfort food, naps, movies and a pvr full of TV shows can be just what the Dr. ordered. How many of us can give over to an entire day where we feel like nothing has been accomplished or has it? Can we not consider recharging an accomplishment?
Then there are those days where we manage to have the perfect combo of it all, I think its learning how to have that perfect balance, like as in everything else in life. The skill to be able to get stuff done around the house, recharge so were ready for the new work week and give a little to ourselves by allowing  for time to do what makes us happy.
We try to pack every moment of our lives but at some point we need to be able to go with the flow and if that flow takes us to a hammock with a book or cutting the lawn so we can play out back with the dog, make sure there is a good balance in the day. Life is not a giant list that needs to be completed, its moments and unknown journeys that we have yet to stumble upon. How can we find new things and explore the unknown when we are micromanaging and planning every moment we have?
We are always getting ready to live but never living. Ralph Waldo Emerson
Lotsa Love,



  1. Hello Tasha and Charly -

    I enjoy reading your post and it's my first time here. You mentioned, "How many of us can give over to an entire day where we feel like nothing has been accomplished or has it? Can we not consider recharging an accomplishment?" Yessss that is a perfect accomplishment. In 2011, you ain't "cool" if you're not doing 10 million things all at the same time. Unfortunately, many of those things are only being performed "half-arse". Take some time and chill out... observe some flowers,,,watch the birds in the trees,,,peace, quiet, sanity!!! Nicely written and expressed. :)

  2. Thank you BJBOWLS and I hope that you find your way back here again.