Saturday, May 14, 2011

Laugh Out Loud

We have all heard the expression “Laughter is the best medicine”, weather we choose to believe the science behind it or the spiritual side; who can deny the awesome power of a laugh?

When we are sick, sad or stressed it can be easy to fall prisoner to a pity party for one or have our face morph into a stone pouty statue.  But instead of hiding away or being overtaken by that which is bothering us, isn’t it better to surround ourselves with shiny happy people and things. Granted I know just as well as anyone there are times when being alone is definitely needed, but at some point we have to realize when we need to reach out for help and take it when offered.

Family Love!
Scientist say that laughter can actually make physical changes in the body (no and not just laugh lines). They say that humour can diminish stress, relieve pain and even strengthen you immune system.  I also believe that laughter helps create abs, if done correctly! ;)

So one would ask if laughing, fun and simply smiling have such amazing side effects why are there so many sour pusses in the world? Now I’m not delusional I don’t think that simply laughing can cure the world of all its problems, but isn’t it a nice start?

I may not be able to cure the world with laughter but I definitely can work on you and all my family and friends.  Yes, even if it means to continue to post embarrassing pictures and reveal hilarious facts about myself…I will do it! Because if we cannot laugh at ourselves an embrace who we are with all the silly flaws then what the point of laughing at all?

Common...You know you wanna laugh!
So do me a favour, don’t delete all the imperfect pictures off of your cameras, keep them as a reminder that no you’re not perfect and that is ok.  Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself, it can be fun…trust me! When you’re feeling down or stressed don’t go it alone reach out to a friend or family member that makes you laugh and feel great about being you.

In life we have to deal with some not so pleasant things but, that doesn’t mean our lives have to be not so pleasant!

Because, you just don't want to live life, you want to live it in Color! 

Lotsa Love,

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