Monday, May 27, 2013

Whats hiding on top of your fridge?

I've been room by room tackling my house, de-cluttering, cleaning and organizing. When it came to my kitchen the biggest surprise of all was my fridge and not what was inside, but what was on top. I do have a rather large fridge but I never expected to find as much stuff as I did. I guess over time we just kept shoving things up there and they became lost in the land of misplaced items. So I thought I'd share and see if any of my wonderful peeps have stumbled into the same land.

The land of misplaced items-

Vitamins- and I mean a lot of vitamins

Pens- a hoard of pens, highlighters, pencils, sharpies. I must be subconsciously terrified to run out of pens lol

OFF- which was not used last summer, so not sure how long its been up there

Cards- Thank yous, birthdays, anniversary, invitations... you name it and it was probably up there

Bakeware- yes Bake-ware lol and measuring cups

Candles- and not a few that I was burning, some where still in the bag from the store I bought them at

Other then the vegetables and baby monitor
everything you see on my island was on my
fridge. Can we say hoarding? lol
Party Supplies- streamers and bubbles, I was ready for an impromptu event

Old fire alarm- that one I blame on Ryan lol

Receipts- some have started to fade

Pictures- I cycle through what pictures I keep on my fridge and must of started a pile on top and forgot

Flashlight- for safety, that has been kept on top of the fridge

Pee jars- Yep that's what I said. Unused of course. When I was pregnant my dr sent me home with a big bag of them so I could have them at home to speed up the process in her office.

Lip Gloss- in case i'm cooking and am in need of a little shine

Protein powder- Not sure how long that one has been up there

Remote control toy- again that one is Ryan ;)

And last but not least bottle openers

So apparently i'm a bit of a clutter bug! I am working on it lol and the top of my fridge has never looked better. Room by room, bit by bit i'm going through my house and discovering whole worlds of lost objects, things I forgot I had, duplicates of things because I couldn't find the original and so on.

I think what I've learnt from this is that it is absolutely necessary to slow down and go through the things we have. We are always so busy wanting more that we tend to forget what we have or keep pushing things to the side instead of dealing with them right away. So take a moment to appreciate everything you have, deal with whats in front of you instead of putting it off and every once in awhile slow down and take some time to putter.

Lotsa Love,

What about you? Are you a clutter bug or do you need constant order? Share with me your fun stories!

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