Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Me on Survivor

I am a fan of Survivor, not a crazy fan, I haven't watched all the seasons, not even half, but i do enjoy watching the show and trying to decide how I would handle a situation or if I could complete that task. I get a kick out of running these scenarios through my mind and thought maybe you would too.

I would have to say the closest I've ever been to a survivor type scenario was when I was in the Rain forest for a week in Costa Rica. I, along with my mom, aunt and sister did a week long yoga retreat in the middle of a rain forest, while taking part in daily activities. Doesn't sound hard? 3 hours of yoga a day (1st session starting before the wildlife was even awake), then as if that wasn't enough we hiked a volcano, rappelled down water falls (several hundred feet tall) and when our path was washed out due to rain, off road hiked through the rain forest. All the while I was terrified that one of the many deadly creatures lurking around every corner would get me at any minute, totally not being dramatic!!! lol So maybe I could survive survivor?!?!

One thing I have to laugh at is the girls on survivor, its been 13 years that the show has been on and yet no one learns that a tiny bikini is not practical for Survivor. Maybe you'd win a challenge if you weren't so focused on keeping your boobs in your barbie sized triangle. I went out and bought a $70 high tech sports bra from LuLu Lemon called a TaTa Tamer just to ensure my ladies would stay put for my trip in Costa Rica. No way i'm loosing reward because my girls wanted to pop out! While on the topic of clothes, why wouldn't people think of wearing lightweight, quick drying clothing? I mean you totally look hot in your saggy dirty dress that is oh so practical!

Food would be my weakness, I could very likely get voted off just because I am so NASTY when I don't eat. There are times when Ryan looks at me kinda scared and asks when the last time I ate was. I may have a little monster who takes over when my belly is empty. Living off of beans and rice I could handle and from what I can see is a fantastic diet lol.  The gross eating challenges...hmmm I'm not sure how I'd fair in those, I have texture issues and am really not a fan of anything icky!

Look at those cat like reflexes lol 
I would have so much fun in the challenges! I think I would be pretty decent at them too, especially since my girls would be snug in my super sonic sports bra...lol My upper body strength is lacking and I throw like a girl, but I have great lower body strength, can swim like a fish and I am FEISTY, especially when the food monster comes out!

What I really don't get is when people do nothing around camp, absolutely nothing to make the stay better. I'm sure sleeping in the rain with the crabs is soooo comfy, but why wouldn't you at least try? I know fatigue sets in and you get hungry, but If you made your space a better place to be it would make everything else so much easier.

So to recap If I was ever on survivor Id have the girls strapped in and be in practical clothing, be a beast in food challenges involving water and have the prettiest camp ever! Yep I totally could handle survivor...lol

Lotsa Love,

How about you, how would you do?

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