Friday, May 10, 2013

Trying something new

As a new parent I think something we all dread is having to go back to work after being off with our little one. Even though I still have five months left on maternity I feel the clock ticking and dread leaving Knox and venturing off to work. If only I didn't have too.

I had been trying to rack my brain about ways I could earn extra money and only have to work part time or even eventually not at all. I was at a jewelry party the other weekend and had so much fun, loved the jewelry and the great promotions. I had a light bulb moment lol. I know of several people who sell varied products in the similar manner, parties or direct sales and they have had success, so why couldn't I?

I did my research and decided to sign up with Lia Sophia an amazing Family run company out of the states that has been in Canada for four years now. I liked how cheap it was to get started, what they provided in the start up kit and the benefits to selling there jewelry. Plus it doesn't hurt that I love the jewelry lol. Compared to a lot of other companies I looked into, I liked that every month they have a promotion for the customer, host and advisors. Great incentives to buy, host and sell! Ive only been signed up since May 1st and already have received my first incentive gift

delivered to my door today! YAY!

Could my venture flop? ABSOLUTELY! But it is also just as likely to succeed. If I never tried it I would always be thinking what if or imagine what I could be doing now with more time at home. So I invested a little bit of money and received gorgeous jewelry (if it doesn't work out pretty jewelry for me lol) and hopefully I have found my way to have more time with my miracle baby Knox.

I think in life it is so easy to dream, wish or hope and so much harder to actually go out on that limb to reach for what we want. Sometimes taking a small risk for a great reward is just what we need to motivate ourselves. I plan on having fun, earning some extra money and spending more time with my hubby and son. Doesn't that sound great?

What is something you have been putting off or dreaming of? What steps do you need to take to make that happen? What are you waiting for?

Lotsa Love,

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