Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Things that make me HAPPY!

In the process of creating a list of blog posts ideas, I was baking, sipping on coffee and spending a lazy day at home alone with my poochie Bailey. This struck me as an amazing idea for my blogging peeps to get to know me better (cuz I don’t share enough…lol). So I decided to write a little bit about a few of the things that make me happy!

Date nights- getting together with my peeps (usually mid-week), to enjoy each other’s company. This tradition has evolved over the years, but is still a welcome constant in my life.

Babies- The idea that I could be a momma in less than a year! 

Preggers- My sister in law Charly and a bunch of our girlfriend's are expecting little ones themselves. 

Food- Cooking it, exploring it and of course eating it!

Bailey trying to get her cuddle on,
soaking wet after a swim in the lake!
My Cottage- No matter what’s going on in my life, I get to my cottage and my whole body just relaxes. It’s like my brain is trained that the cottage is a place of happy relaxation.

Writing- When I get into the zone, doesn’t seem to matter what else is going on around me. My fingers start typing and even if it’s a verbal hot mess, it’s all mine… J

Photos- Looking back on all the good times had!

Family pets- I lova the poochies! Sorry kitties I’m allergic!

Knitting- Seeing something created from a ball of yarn.

Family and friends- The peeps that keep me sane.

Ryan- The person who I chose to spend forever with and who chose me right back!

There a probably a million more things I could put on my list like coffee, olives, Christmas lights and wine(when I’m allowed to drink it), but they would be secondary to my list I’ve created above.  I may not have a ton of money or the best of luck (sometimes) but I am rich in many ways that I know that some aren’t as fortunate in. Because you may be able to buy a bigger house, but you can’t buy better peeps than I have.

So why don’t you share a bit about yourself and tell me what makes you happy!

Lotsa Love,

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