Wednesday, January 4, 2012

2012 Resolutions

Our society seems very attached to making resolutions every year on New Year’s day, but do we keep them? The giant life changing resolutions that we all create for ourselves in hopes that this year will be the year we lose the weight, read 50 books or meet the one. My belief is that is you’re not ready or you aren’t in the right mind set no matter how many resolutions you make you’re going to break them. So even though I don’t believe setting one day a year aside for setting resolutions, I absolutely believe in setting goals and working towards a better change or aspiring to something new and great.

This year I asked my hubby if he’d made any resolutions this year, he replied without thought “no and neither should you, because you never keep them”. At first I was taken back… how dare he say that… and then I tried to think of a resolution made on New Years that Id actually kept and I honestly could not think of one. I have reached many other goals in my life and I aspire to many great things, but to say I’ve completed a New Year’s resolution…I could not.

I think my dreams for 2012 are a little big and can’t really be obtained by resolving to do so. So instead I’ve decided to enter into 2012 with a mindset of how I’d like things to work out, a positive outlook.  Seeing as 2012 will be spent going through ivf and possibly pregnancy Ive told myself that there is a certain way I want to go through it.

I want to be brave and strong, entering into something new and scary. I want to be patient and understanding, knowing that things don’t happen overnight. I want to be aware of me, with hormone injections it can be easy to slip into bought’s of emotions or solely focus on ivf, I want to remain aware of me throughout this process to stay sane J . I’m going to be creating a board that I can put up somewhere visible in my house as my mantra for 2012.

2011 ended on such a high note for Ryan and I, we just want to keep riding that wave. I’ve lost 15lbs and have been eating well, exercising and overall feeling great. My energy is up and I feel overall very positive about what’s to come. Ryan keeps laughing at me, saying “I’ve never seen someone so excited to start injecting themselves with needles.”; this means to me that I am ready to face all that 2012 can throw at me with Ryan by my side. January should be an interesting month with the start of our IVF round, but I like interesting…

So even though I have a ton of things that I would love to accomplish for 2012, resolving to do so has never worked for me in the past. So instead I plan on having a strong and positive outlook and by doing so may be able to achieve more in my year.

Lotsa Love,

Do you make yearly resolutions; If so what where they for this year? Post a comment to let us all know. 

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