Monday, October 17, 2011

Cloud Nine

What a crazy couples  of weeks this has been; turning thirty, making top five for win a baby and then all top five finalist winning, wow! I don’t know if I’ll ever come off of this cloud!

Ryan and I are over the moon about being given the chance to go through IVF and try to have a baby. I told my husband the other day that I can’t believe how excited I am for so many needles and procedures lol. I am still almost stunned by the announcement that we all get to go through the IVF treatments.

We have booked our first appointment to go through paperwork for IVF and get set up for the course for IVF; and are going through the motions, but it is still so surreal. When you tell yourself that something, something as big as having children together, might not happen you start to believe it, little by little your hope starts to slip away and you decide to “face the facts”. So what happens when you face the facts and then you’re told the facts were wrong and you now have a chance? You cry, smile, laugh and then try to accept the new facts. The new facts are Ryan and I could have a baby in the very near future!

Now all the critics are saying we haven’t “won a baby”, I’m well aware of that! We are absolutely clear on the success rate and what our chances are of conceiving; we also have a great deal of hope! It would be wonderful if people would stop trying to rain on our parade and instead of picking apart what an amazing thing Hot 89.9 did, could focus on the fact that five couples were given back hope and such an amazing opportunity. To say that we were exploited or objectified, would be absolutely false and takes away from the fact that every applicant made a choice to apply to the contest and were not forced to do anything.

Thanks to this amazing contest our future is a lot brighter and exciting! Ryan and I cannot wait to embark on this new adventure together, no matter how hormonal it might be J. We look forward to sharing it will all of our family, friends and supporters. The love and compassion that we felt during this whole process, not only from family and friends, but from complete strangers and Hot 89.9 staff was immense and will never be forgot.

If everyone could do not only me, but every other couple suffering from infertility a favor and take a few minutes from your day and sign this petition to have OHIP fund IVF we would all be  forever grateful!

We look forward to sharing in this experience with all of you and cannot wait to take our next step in this crazy adventure that is our lives.

Lotsa Love,

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