Friday, October 7, 2011

30 things i'm thankful for

Being as my birthday always seems to fall on Thanksgiving weekend I thought it would be appropriate celebrating my big 30 that I should take stock and share the 30 things I’m thankful for.  Hope you enjoy!

Seasons- Reminding me that everything changes, grows and darkness gets replaced by light.


Luck of my birthdays- 8 years ago Ryan and I met in our apartment elevator in Toronto, 7 years ago he proposed.

Our Health- Other than the few uncooperative bits.

Date nights- Keeps me sane!

In Laws- I am incredibly lucky to say I have the best in laws a gal could wish for. Ryan’s mom and dad are a true testament to love and reminder that not all good things come to an end.

My Family- However crazy they may be ;) the love my family has is incomparable!

Bailey- And all the other fantastic family dogs. She is my cuddle monster and my protector.

That I still get I.D- OH YA

Places- The places I’ve been able to explore, every place teaching me something new about myself.

Nosy Neighbors- They make me feel safe every day.

Family and friends who lend me their babies- When I need a little munchkin love J

My Crazy Twenties

Fears- The ability to face them or to know they are there for a reason and the ability to run.

My Mom- Who allowed me to jump in puddles, dance in the rain and play the same Whitney Houston How Do I Know single over and over, while dancing and singing in the mirrors.

Sunday Family Dinners

My Strength- And not talking physical cause I’m kinda a weenie in that dept.

Friends- Old and new that not only love me for who I am but encourage my special behavior.

Compassion of Strangers

Voice- The ability to speak up when it might be easier to be quiet.

Win A Baby- Even though we may not win, Hot 89.9 contest has renewed our hope.

Sunshine- That warms your face and picks you up.

Rainy Days- For cuddling and sleeping in.

My Guardian Angel- Who has been watching over me and guiding me outta some crazy spots.

Girly Shows/Movies

Books- That inspire me to write.

Conceivable Dreams- And other groups/organizations fighting for OHIP to fund IVF.

Social Media- I have some pretty cool people and made some great connections.

Lazy Cottage Weekends- When you need to let loose or wind down.

My Man- Ryan who is my everything.

To the people and places that have made me who I am Thank You! I think that it’s incredibly important to take a moment or a few, take stock and truly think about the things in our world that make us thankful.

What are you thankful for?

Lotsa Love,

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