Thursday, February 6, 2014

New house Happy baby

On a regular Wednesday I came home from work to an anxious pacing husband. My initial thought was "what did I do" So I ask him (still in my coat and boots) "how was your day?" His response in a sketchy tone let me add "interesting!" He then passes me his iPad with house pictures on it... Not our house. Very confused I look up at him for some kind of clue and just see anxiety. So I ask what I'm looking at and Ryan responds with "what do you think of the house?" This very confusing situation played out for a bit. Keep in mind previous to that Wednesday we'd never seriously talked about moving. We'd both thought of it, as we had seriously outgrown our old house...Knox kinda took over our little house.
Living room/playroom/dinning room
 in the old house

The very next day I had a appointment in Ottawa with Knox, on our way home Ryan told me to swing by our house and pick him up to go see the house from the iPad lol. Well we fell in love with the character, warmth and possibilities of the house... oh yes and our adorably excited and happy baby running around the spacious house clapping and giggling. I think it is safe to say that we were instantly sold on the house... because that Saturday we started to move in.

Now almost three weeks later we are almost all moved in. Knox still runs around smiling from ear to ear, excited by all his new found space and freedom. Hes since learned how to climb stairs and now everything else. He loves finding new corners or spaces and playing peekaboo.
Part of Knox play area in the New House.
Now doesn't he look happy?

We are over the moon with our new house and super happy baby, even Bailey has a ton more space (our lab/retriever ). A new year and a new house... We cannot wait to see what else our fabulous 2014 will bring!

Lotsa Love

The very next day I had a doctors appointment in Ottawa for Knox and as we were coming home Ryan told me to swing by and pick him up to go look at the house. Well we all fell in love with the space, character, possibilities and the very happy baby running around giggling throughout the house. I think it's safe to say we were instantly sold on it because that Saturday we moved in. Almost 3 weeks later we are still working on both places but feeling completely at home and loving watching our little guy happily run around with all his new space! New house. What else will 2014 bring us? Can't wait to see! 

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