Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Happy Birthday

So I am a bit behind in this post...a lot behind in posting in general. Going back to work and trying to start up my own company has been keeping me busy on top of all my other family duties.

On November 11th my little miracle baby turned 1! I cannot get over how the time has flown by. For his birthday I compiled all his month pictures and order a poster. Hi birthday party was awesome, who wouldn't have a awesome time with my little man? So I thought let me share his month pictures and lets look back at a year in Knox life!

Knox is born

1 month and growing so big

2 months and starting to show his personality

3 months. SOOOO cute

4 months look at those big eyes

5 months

6 months and still one of my favorite pictures!

7 months and on the move

8 months paying homage to the win a baby contest

9 months such a big boy

10 months pictures are getting harder to get still lol

11 months look at all those teeth

12 months! My littme miracle baby is 1 year old!

I Love that you have been able to come along on this journey with us and hope you will continue too!

Lotsa Love

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