Monday, September 16, 2013

Magical Mornings

I recently read a post from one of my FAV blogs Mommy Shorts about finding beauty in your mornings as a busy mom. I Love it and personally think that every morning with Knox, even the crazy ones, are beautiful, magical and just awesome!

Who wouldn't love waking up and hearing the sweetest bable coming from just a few doors down or having someone just beyond excited to see you, slobbery baby kisses and cuddles? And yes there is also stinky diapers, early mornings and possible spit up... But its absolutely all worth it!
Family cuddles!

I like the message that if we slow down, take a minute and examine our lives we are sure to find beauty in our day.
What you may see as just your morning coffee, is also you time, time to enjoy your morning, take in the day, prepare yourself to go.
Stuck in traffic can also be a fantastic time to have quiet time alone in the car or to listen to music not sung by a purple dinosaur.

How we do mornings!

So do just that...Take a moment, slow down and examine all the magic that is your day! Even those days we wish we could wish away, may surprise you!

Lotsa Love,

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