Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pea soup kinda day

When it's cold, gloomy, damp or just plain miserable out what makes your day? Something you think of that means instant comfort?

Now that the cooler weather is upon us and slippers are out, comfort items are a must! I personally am a pea soup and fuzzy blanket kinda girl. When it's one of those days the soup goes on and the couch calls my name.

What works for you? Could it be snuggles with a pet, a comfort food or maybe a hot cup of tea?

I like when the icky days fall on one of my hubbies days off, this means sleeping in, cuddles and a day of comfort food! Even before I was pregnant food has always been at the top of my comfort list, now even more so.

So I kind of look forward to the days where you don't want to do anything and baking warms your home and your heart. Imagine if everyday was perfect and sunny we would constantly be busy and never get to enjoy a rainy day on the couch.

So maybe we can see a miserable day as an opportunity to stay in, get cozy and recharge. Bake those cookies you've been planning on for weeks, watch a movie with the family in the middle of the day, bust out a board game or just veg. Take a queue from mother nature and use a day to recharge and unwind.

Lotsa Love,

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